Dead Island 2's Zompedia: Unraveling Its Zombie Tracker Guide

Dive into Dead Island 2's Zompedia to master its zombie tracker feature and complete the Zombologist trophy. Learn strategies and locations for all zombies.

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Dead Island 2's Zompedia: Unraveling Its Zombie Tracker Guide

Dead Island 2 offers an exciting and challenging gaming experience for zombie enthusiasts. With a variety of zombie types lurking around every corner, players need a comprehensive resource to help track them down and discover their weaknesses. The game's Zompedia, an electronic encyclopedia, is designed to provide assistance in mastering the art of zombie extermination.

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How the Zompedia Works

Specifically designed for Dead Island 2 players, the Zompedia is a valuable tool that catalogs every type of zombie found throughout the game. It helps players understand the strengths and weaknesses of each zombie type, allowing them to strategize which weapons to use, how to anticipate their enemies' moves, and where these undead creatures can be located. The Zompedia clearly categorizes each zombie type by providing information on their individual weaknesses and locations.

Mirroring the concept of the Pokedex in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Dead Island 2's Zompedia offers four information slots for each zombie-type entry. Players unlock these slots by completing tasks, such as defeating specific numbers of zombies. As players unlock more slots, they gain valuable insights into each zombie type, making their encounters much easier to manage.

How to Unlock Zompedia Entries

Players are assured that completing the main quest and side quests around Hell-A will fulfill most of their Zompedia needs. Exploring the streets of Hell-A is not a prerequisite, as the game's story progression naturally leads players to confront various zombie types. This process makes the Dead Island Zompedia more accessible and less challenging.

As players progress through the game and unlock new Zompedia entries, revisiting this valuable resource proves advantageous. It becomes particularly helpful when players encounter challenging zombies or when farming specific zombie parts. In short, the Zompedia is a one-stop shop for players who are struggling to overcome a particular zombie, locate a specific undead creature, or simply enjoy exploring the wide variety of zombies in Dead Island 2.

Completing Zompedia through Main and Side Quests

Dead Island 2 players can expect to complete a significant portion of the Zompedia by simply focusing on the main quest and side quests. The game encourages players to face a myriad of zombie types, ensuring that the majority of the Zompedia gets filled out naturally. As players follow the story, they'll encounter and defeat each kind of zombie, making Zompedia completion less of a challenge than in a Pokedex-based game.

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Dead Island 2's robust narrative makes unlocking the Zompedia entries an integral part of the game, and while some zombies may pose a considerable challenge - especially during the first few encounters - players will find that the Zompedia becomes an indispensable tool for success.

Utilizing Zompedia for Zombie Types and Farming

Using the Zompedia effectively can be the key to overcoming difficult obstacles in Dead Island 2. Players should consult the Zompedia whenever they find themselves struggling against a challenging enemy or seeking the location of a specific type of zombie. In addition, the Zompedia can be a valuable resource when attempting to farm certain zombie parts, as it provides guidance on the best locations to harvest these items.

From revealing strategies to locating ideal hunting grounds, the Dead Island 2 Zompedia is a must-have companion for players wishing to dispatch the undead hordes effectively and efficiently.

Zompedia's Impact on the Zombie Gaming Genre

As a prominent feature in Dead Island 2, the Zompedia is a notable departure from other zombie games, such as Dying Light. While it may lack a massive open-world or high-octane parkour, the game offers players thrills, laughs, and excitement through the inclusion of the Zompedia. The encyclopedia captures the essence of the zombie genre, encouraging players to explore the complex and unique world of Dead Island 2.

As a genre mainstay, the Zompedia is an integral part of the Dead Island 2 experience, providing players and trophy hunters with countless hours of gameplay, tasks to complete, and the potential for future expansion through updates and DLC releases. Other zombie survival games should seriously consider adopting the Zompedia concept, as it enhances the overall player experience and depth of game content.

Dead Island 2 Zombologist Trophy and Achievement

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Dead Island 2 features a total of 31 different zombie types, including 20 common and 11 apex variants. Completing the Zompedia unlocks the Zombologist trophy and achievement for players who seek to excel in the game. However, it is worth noting that players only need to defeat each zombie type once to fulfill the requirements for the Zombologist trophy and achievement. Completing all challenges listed in the Zompedia is not a prerequisite to unlock this achievement.

Zombie Locations and Hotspots Guide

This comprehensive guide provides a list of all Dead Island 2 zombie locations, featuring both common and apex variants. As you progress through the story, you'll notice that some of the zombies require certain milestones to spawn. However, after encountering them for the first time, these zombie types will appear more frequently. Apex variant zombies will also have designated "hotspots" marked on the map, denoting their fixed spawn locations.

Zombies with unique names spawn only once and are not required for trophies. However, defeating them is necessary as they drop keys needed to open lock boxes. These unique zombies do not have Zompedia entries and do not respawn once defeated. Regular zombies, on the other hand, respawn infinitely whenever you revisit an area.

The following is a list of apex variant zombies and their locations:

Hardest Apex Zombies In Dead Island 2

  • Crushers – Found at Crusher Hotspot in Beverly Hills
  • Inferno Crushers – Found in The Metro, on the path past the fast travel room together with Firestorm Slobber
  • Bursters – Found at Burster Hotspot in Beverly Hills
  • Slobbers – Found at Slobber Hotspot in Beverly Hills
  • Putrefied Slobbers – Can spawn at the Slobber Hotspot in the northeast corner of Beverly Hills (spawned for me after story, might not spawn earlier). Also sometimes spawns outside Halperin Hotel around the parking lots.
  • Firestorm Slobbers – Found in The Metro, on the path past the fast travel room together with Firestorm Crusher
  • Screamers – Found at Screamer Hotspot in Beverly Hills
  • Voltaic Screamers – Found at The Pier in the arcade (respawns upon fast travel), also one can spawn underneath the Pier accessed from the beach in the south of the map
  • Butchers – Found at Hotspot in The Metro & The Pier
  • Vicious Butchers – Found in Hollywood Boulevard, at the very start of the area in the Metro section underground
  • Mutators – Found at Hotspot in The Metro

Dead Island 2's rich world of zombie types offers players a chance to explore and discover new challenges with every encounter. By utilizing the Zompedia and following this guide, players will find all the zombie locations they need to achieve the Zombologist trophy and achievement, adding depth and replayability to the Dead Island 2 experience.


Dead Island 2's Zompedia serves as an invaluable resource in helping players navigate the diverse world of zombies found within the game. From understanding each zombie type's strengths and weaknesses to mastering the locations of rare spawns and hotspots, the Zompedia is an integral component of the game that enhances the user experience and rewards players for exploring the mysterious and deadly realm of zombies.

By utilizing the Zompedia and following the information provided in this comprehensive guide, players will be well-equipped to conquer Dead Island 2's undead hordes and carve out their own path to survival amidst the zombie apocalypse. So arm yourself with the knowledge, take on the challenges that lie ahead, and become the ultimate Zombologist in Dead Island 2.

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