Top 10 Coop PvE Games to Play

Explore our list of the top 10 coop PvE games for thrilling shared adventures with friends. Perfect picks for team play enthusiasts!

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Top 10 Coop PvE Games to Play
Top 10 Coop PvE Games to Play

Coop PvE games offer some of the most exciting and engaging gaming adventures, perfect for team play enthusiasts looking for shared thrills with friends. Our list of the top 10 coop PvE games spans a variety of genres, ensuring there's something for every taste. From battling through alien-infested mines to hunting colossal monsters, these games prioritize teamwork, strategy, and cooperation.

Discover the Best Coop PvE Games

Whether you're into fast-paced shooters, tactical role-playing, or intense action adventures, coop PvE games provide an unparalleled sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. These games demand not just skill and quick thinking, but also the ability to work as part of a team. Each game on our list brings its own unique flavor to the coop PvE experience, ensuring hours of entertainment.

List of Top Choices

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

  • Team-based gameplay with unique classes
  • Procedurally generated caves
  • Emphasis on cooperation and strategy

Deep Rock Galactic stands out as one of the best co op PvE games for its unique approach to team-based exploration and combat. Set in sprawling, randomly generated cave systems, each player takes on a role that complements the team, making cooperation essential. Whether you’re mining for resources or fending off alien creatures, Deep Rock Galactic proves why it's a gem among co op games 4 players can enjoy together.

Left 4 Dead 2

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  • Four-player cooperative gameplay
  • Dynamic campaign creation for replayability
  • Special infected challenges encourage team tactics

A classic that has inspired countless other coop PvE games, Left 4 Dead 2’s relentless action and cooperative gameplay make it a perennial favorite. Whether it’s through one of the game’s campaigns or fighting off hordes in survival mode, teamwork is not just recommended but required—making it one of the best co op games on the market. Its approach to dynamically generated content keeps each playthrough feeling fresh and challenging.


Warframe: Veilbreaker

  • Vast selection of customizable Warframes and weapons
  • Fluid, fast-paced combat and parkour
  • Expansive cooperative missions with a rich lore

The free-to-play model of Warframe makes it easily accessible and has helped it grow into one of the most engaging co op story mode games. With its blend of fast-paced combat, intricate customization, and cooperative missions, Warframe offers a deep and rewarding experience. Players who enjoy diving into detailed lore and mastering a variety of playstyles will find Warframe a perfect fit among steam 2 player co op games.

Monster Hunter Rise


  • Hunting giant monsters with tailored strategies
  • Varied weapon types for diverse playstyles
  • Engaging multiplayer hunts up to four players

Monster Hunter Rise is a thrilling entry among co op games 4 players can team up in to take down giant monsters. Each monster presents unique challenges, requiring players to strategize and customize their approaches. The satisfaction of triumphing over these towering beasts with friends is unparalleled, making it a standout in the realm of coop PvE games.

Destiny 2

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  • Expansive sci-fi universe with deep lore
  • Wide variety of cooperative missions and raids
  • Continuous updates expanding content and activities

For those wondering what is the best co op game with a blend of shooting, looting, and exploring, Destinity 2 often comes to mind. Its richly detailed sci-fi world and continuous stream of updates keep the game fresh and engaging for new and returning players alike. From challenging raids designed for coordinated teams to casual strikes you can jump into with any friend, Destiny 2 showcases the versatility and depth possible in co op PvE games.

It Takes Two

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  • Inventive cooperative puzzle-solving and platforming
  • Story-driven gameplay focusing on a couple's journey
  • Unique mechanics and challenges in each level

It Takes Two breaks the mold as one of the most fun co op PvE games, offering a blend of story, creativity, and teamwork unlike any other. Centered on the tumultuous relationship between a married couple, the game requires players to work together to navigate through imaginative worlds filled with puzzles and challenges. Each level introduces fresh mechanics, ensuring the gameplay remains exciting and engaging throughout. It's a prime example of a recommended co op game that couples and friends alike will enjoy.


Valheim Early Access Review

  • Explore and survive in a procedurally generated Norse world
  • Build, craft, and battle mythical beasts with friends
  • Open-world sandbox with a flexible building system

Entering the realm of best co op PvE survival games, Valheim challenges players to conquer a vast, Viking-inspired world. From building sturdy homesteads to battling terrifying monsters, Valheim’s appeal lies in its open-world sandbox experience that is tailored for cooperative play. It's a fantastic representation of pve coop survival games, encouraging exploration, creativity, and combat strategies within a group.

Rainbow Six Siege

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  • Tactical gameplay that rewards strategy and teamwork
  • Diverse operators with unique gadgets and abilities
  • High-stakes multiplayer matches with a focus on cooperation

Rainbow Six Siege may lean more towards PvP, but its cooperative terrorist hunt mode offers intense co op PvE experiences. Teams work together using tactical gear and strategies to overcome AI enemies in various scenarios, making it a standout online co op PvE game. Its focus on meticulous planning and coordination showcases the depth possible in tactical co op games PC Xbox players can enjoy together.

Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 review | PC Gamer

  • First-person melee combat against hordes of enemies
  • Five heroes with distinct playstyles and abilities
  • Cooperative gameplay for up to four players

Vermintide 2 thrusts players into the heart of the Warhammer Fantasy battles against the Skaven and other nefarious forces. Its focus on brutal melee combat and character progression makes it one of the more exhilarating co op PvE games available. Players choose from five heroes, each offering different abilities and gameplay styles, to face overwhelming odds in cooperative battles. It's a premier choice for those seeking action-packed co op PvE games.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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  • Turn-based combat that rewards strategic thinking
  • Deep narrative with impactful player choices
  • Cooperative play for up to four players in both the story and custom campaigns

An exemplar of co op story mode games, Divinity: Original Sin 2 blends intricate turn-based combat with a deep, branching narrative. Players can join together in a richly constructed world where their choices truly matter, affecting the outcome of the story and relationships with characters. The game’s commitment to offering a compelling multiplayer story experience places it among the top recommended co op games, offering both freedom and challenge in equal measure.

In conclusion, the landscape of coop PvE games is rich and diverse, offering various experiences from tactical shooters to expansive open-world adventures. Whether you're looking to strategize against enemy forces, survive in hostile environments, or lose yourself in a story-driven journey, this list represents the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming. These selections not only exemplify the best in cooperative play but also the continuing evolution and innovation within the genre. With any of these titles, players are guaranteed memorable adventures that are best shared with friends.

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