Top 10 Mobile Zombie Survival Games in 2024

Discover the ultimate mobile zombie survival games of 2024. From strategy to action-packed encounters, survival is key!

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Top 10 Mobile Zombie Survival Games in 2024
Top 10 Mobile Zombie Survival Games in 2024

Looking for the best zombie survival games on mobile to keep you entertained in 2024? Look no further! The craving for thrilling adventures against the undead shows no signs of fading, and the mobile gaming landscape is ripe with options. From tactical survival to fast-paced action, we've sifted through the latest releases to bring you the most exciting and immersive zombie survival experiences available on your phone or tablet.

Zombie Survival Games on Mobile: A 2024 Guide

The allure of testing your survival skills against hordes of the undead continues to captivate gamers. As the genre evolves, developers are pushing the boundaries with innovative gameplay, captivating storylines, and engaging social features. This year's lineup offers something for every type of gamer, whether you're a hard-core strategist, a fast-paced shooter enthusiast, or a lover of narrative-driven adventures. Ready to see what's lurking out there? Let's dive into the undead action that awaits.

List of Top Choices

Last Day on Earth: Survival

  • Hardcore survival and crafting.
  • Online multiplayer cooperation or confrontation.
  • Constant updates and seasonal events.

Last Day on Earth: Survival stands out as one of the best zombie survival games on mobile for its in-depth gameplay and relentless challenge. In this game, players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic world where every decision could mean life or death. The allure of crafting weapons, building shelters, and fighting off zombie hordes offers an unmatched survival experience. It's the perfect blend for those seeking a hardcore zombie survival game on Android and iOS, boasting a vibrant online community where you can either band together with fellow survivors or fight against them in your quest to stay alive. It’s not just a game; it’s a fight for survival.


  • Social and story-rich survival world.
  • Deep RPG elements for character progression.
  • Vast open world exploring.

LifeAfter does more than just test your survival skills; it immerses you in a deeply social and narrative-driven adventure. This game is a standout amongst the best zombie survival games for Android offline and online players, providing a beautiful, haunting world filled with challenges and stories. The RPG elements allow for significant character customization and development, pulling players into a rich, post-apocalyptic society. Whether you're teaming up with friends to build a haven or exploring the ruins of civilization, LifeAfter offers a compelling blend of story and survival unlike any other zombie strategy game on Android.

Left to Survive

  • Action-packed zombie shooting experience.
  • Resource harvesting and base building.
  • Engaging single-player and multiplayer modes.

Left to Survive combines intense zombie shooting action with the strategic need to collect resources and fortify your base. It's featured among the best zombie defense games on Android, offering a fast-paced gameplay experience that’s hard to put down. Whether you're navigating through its dynamic single-player campaigns or competing in multiplayer mayhem, you're in for a world overflowing with zombies and action. High-quality graphics and an enthralling storyline make it one of the best zombie FPS games for Android.

Dead Trigger 2

  • High-octane arcade zombie shooting madness.
  • Extensive weapons and gadgets arsenal.
  • Global missions and challenges.

A title that needs no introduction, Dead Trigger 2 amps up the action in the zombie game Android genre. It’s celebrated as one of the best online zombie games for Android, showcasing an arsenal of weapons against the global undead apocalypse. The game’s success lies not just in its thrilling gameplay but also in its ability to unite players against a common threat through varied missions and challenges. Its emphasis on cooperative gameplay secures its place as one of the best multiplayer zombie games for Android.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

  • Narrative-driven gameplay set in The Walking Dead universe.
  • Recruit and build a team of iconic characters.
  • Decision-based outcomes affecting story progression.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land offers an immersive narrative experience, setting it apart as one of the best zombie story games for Android. Set in the grim world of The Walking Dead, it allows players to recruit and develop a team of characters from the series, making strategic decisions that influence their survival journey. Its focus on story and character development makes it a standout option for players looking for a deeper narrative within the survival zombie game mobile category. This engaging blend of storytelling and gameplay appeals notably to fans of the series and newcomers alike, making it a significant contender in the list of zombie games for Android.

Into the Dead 2

  • Endless runner with immersive zombie survival elements.
  • Collect weapons and power-ups to fend off the undead.
  • Narrative-driven levels with multiple endings.

In Into the Dead 2, the action never stops. This game reinvents the endless runner genre by incorporating survival elements, making it one of the top zombie games for Android. The urgent, relentless need to stay ahead of the undead horde forces players to make quick decisions for survival while collecting weapons and power-ups along the way. It's not just about surviving; the game tells a story, with each level pushing the narrative forward towards multiple potential endings. This unique blend of high-paced action and storytelling secures its spot among the top ten zombie games for Android.

State of Survival: Zombie War

  • Build, strategize, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Form alliances with other players for better survival chances.
  • Research technologies to gain an edge over the undead.

State of Survival: Zombie War is a testament to the enduring appeal of strategy survival zombie games on Android. Unlike typical zombie shooting games for Android, it requires players to think long-term: building shelters, forming alliances, and researching new technologies to survive. This strategic depth, combined with the social aspect of teaming up with other survivors, makes it a compelling online zombie survival game on Android. It's a world where brains meet brawn, offering a sophisticated spin on the zombie survival theme that appeals to strategists and action fans alike.

Kill Shot Virus

  • Sniping-based gameplay focusing on taking down zombies.
  • Unlockable weapons and gear for strategic advancement.
  • Diverse missions in various locations.

Kill Shot Virus offers a sharpshooting adventure that stands out among fps zombie games for Android. It challenges players to take precise shots to take down waves of zombies, requiring strategy, patience, and quick reflexes. This approach to zombie apocalypse survival keeps the game fresh and engaging, with a plethora of missions and environments to test your mettle. As a top contender in the zombie shooter games for Android, Kill Shot Virus combines action-packed gameplay with strategic elements, allowing for a varied gaming experience that sniper fans will particularly enjoy.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

  • Gacha game mechanics to collect and upgrade characters.
  • Strategy-based shelter building and resource scavenging.
  • Engaging missions and storylines within The Walking Dead universe.

Blending strategy with Gacha elements, The Walking Dead: Survivors emerges as a unique multiplayer zombie survival game on mobile. It allows players to dive deep into the rich lore of The Walking Dead universe, collecting characters and facing off against the walker threat. The focus on shelter building and resource management adds a layer of strategy that goes beyond simple survival, making it an engaging option for fans looking for online zombie survival games Android offers. With its rich storyline and strategic gameplay, The Walking Dead: Survivors is a must-play for series fans and newcomers interested in a community-driven survival challenge.

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

  • Roguelike elements with procedurally generated levels.
  • Extensive arsenal for zombie elimination.
  • Fast-paced, action-driven gameplay.

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter is an exhilarating mix of survival horror and rogue-like arcade shooting, making it shine as one of the top down mobile zombie games. Its procedurally generated levels ensure no two playthroughs are the same, offering endless replayability. The game's focus on fast-paced action, complemented by a vast arsenal of weapons, gives it a significant edge in the zombie killing games Android market. Designed for adrenaline junkies, Zombeast keeps players on the edge of their seats, making it a prime choice for anyone seeking action-packed zombie adventure games on Android.

Exploring the wide array of zombie survival games Android and iOS platforms have to offer in 2024 proves there's something for every type of gamer. From narrative-driven adventures and high-stakes strategy to action-packed shooters and endless runners, these games exemplify the versatility and depth of the genre. Each title brings its unique flavor to the post-apocalyptic landscape, offering immersive experiences that go beyond mere survival to include strategy, cooperation, and a fight for humanity. Whether you prefer to take on the undead horde alone, with friends, or strategize the rebuilding of civilization, this year’s lineup of the best zombie survival games on mobile promises endless hours of engaging gameplay for enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

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