Shroud Takes on the New Counter Strike 2 Beta

Discover Shroud's first impressions of the Counter Strike 2 Beta, key gameplay updates, and the community's response. Learn how the return of professional players and new features may impact the game's future and eSports potential.

Mar 22, 2023 - 20:56
Mar 22, 2023 - 21:08
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Shroud Takes on the New Counter Strike 2 Beta
Shroud gives his first impressions of the new Counter Strike 2 Beta release.

Finally, Valve has launched the Counter Strike 2 Beta. Shroud and many others are already playing and giving feedback on their experiences.

Shroud Plays Counter Strike 2 Beta

Renowned Twitch streamer and ex-CS:GO pro, Shroud, recently got his hands on the Counter-Strike 2 Beta, creating a buzz in the gaming community. As the latest addition to the iconic franchise, fans are eager to hear Shroud's thoughts on the game's evolution and its potential impact on the eSports scene. This comes just days after Shroud's recent announcement involving Project Astrid, a new game in the works from Shroud, Sacriel, and Splash Damage. We thought to include updates on this within our Survival Games category because of our many years spent playing Counter Strike and the love we have for the game. I guess you survive in the game, right?

Shroud's First Impressions on Counter Strike 2 Beta

Shroud in lobby with other pro players, playing the new Counter Strike 2 Beta.

Shroud appears impressed with the game's graphics and the overhaul of the iconic Dust 2 map. He emphasizes the importance of the game feeling like previous Counter Strike iterations, which seems to be achieved in the beta. However, Shroud isn't a fan of the new Glock sound effects but appreciates the updated smoke grenades, predicting they will significantly impact the game's meta.

Counter Strike 2 Beta Features and Updates

Map Design and Layout

Valve's "Leveling Up the World" video reveals three tiers of maps in CS2: touchstone, upgraded, and overhauled levels. Touchstone levels, like Dust II, have minor visual tweaks, maintaining familiarity. Upgraded levels incorporate Source 2 features, while overhauled levels are entirely rebuilt, offering a fresh yet classic gameplay experience.

New Smoke Grenades

Valve improved smoke grenades' physics for more realistic and strategic gameplay. Players can now clear enemy smokescreens, providing a better view of the battlefield.

Sub-tick Updates

These updates allow servers to capture precise motion, shot, or grenade timings, reducing server lag and improving hit detection for an enhanced gaming experience.

Visuals, UI, and Audio Enhancements

CS2 introduces revamped maps, better visuals, UI enhancements, and reworked audio, creating an immersive and engaging gaming environment.

Community Response to Counter Strike 2 Beta

The gaming community has generally responded positively to the Counter Strike 2 Beta updates. While there are some aspects that players have concerns about, there is ample time for Valve to make necessary adjustments before the official release. The game's potential in the eSports scene is promising, as the classic gameplay elements, improved visuals, and enhanced mechanics align well with the demands of competitive gaming. The community eagerly awaits the game's impact on future eSports tournaments and the evolution of the Counter Strike franchise.

Pro Players Return to the Scene

Pro players group up with Shroud to play in a custom lobby in the Counter Strike 2 Beta..

The Counter Strike 2 Beta has not only piqued Shroud's interest but also attracted the attention of other professional players. Former CS:GO pros, such as n0thing, Freakazoid, and Skadoodle, are returning to the scene to experience the latest iteration of their beloved game. This resurgence of interest from seasoned players is a testament to the game's potential for success and growth.

Wrapping Up the New Counter Strike 2 News

Shroud expresses hope and excitement for the official release of Counter Strike 2. The renewed interest and enthusiasm from both veterans and newcomers in the Counter Strike community indicate a bright future for the franchise and its impact on the gaming world.


As the Counter Strike 2 Beta continues to generate excitement and anticipation, it remains to be seen how the game will perform upon its full release. However, the initial impressions and community response bode well for the future of Counter Strike as a series. With the return of professional players and the promise of new and improved features, Counter Strike 2 is poised to make a significant impact on the gaming landscape and the eSports scene in the years to come.

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