Top 10 Multiplayer Zombie Games for Mobile

Discover the top 10 mobile multiplayer zombie games to play with friends. Thrilling adventures and survival challenges await!

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Top 10 Multiplayer Zombie Games for Mobile
Top 10 Multiplayer Zombie Games for Mobile

Zombie games multiplayer mobile fans, get excited! Discover the top 10 mobile multiplayer zombie games to play with your friends. Dive into thrilling adventures and face survival challenges like never before. Now, let’s get ready to explore these games that will keep you hooked for hours.

Explore the Best Multiplayer Zombie Games on Mobile

Finding the perfect mix of challenge, fun, and teamwork in mobile games can be hard. That’s why we’ve handpicked the top 10 multiplayer zombie games for mobile. Each game offers a unique experience that promises to keep you engaged. Whether you're into hardcore survival, strategy, or endless running, there’s something for everyone.

List of Top Choices

The Walking Dead: All Stars (role-playing game)

  • Role-playing game set in The Walking Dead universe
  • Team up with other players for survival
  • Collect and upgrade characters and weapons

Diving into the world of zombie games multiplayer mobile, The Walking Dead: All Stars offers an immersive RPG experience. Setup in the familiar, post-apocalyptic universe of The Walking Dead comic book series, players get to team up with friends to fight hordes of walkers. This game is not just about surviving; it's about rebuilding civilization. Collecting iconic characters and upgrading weapons adds a strategic layer to the game, making it a standout selection for fans of multiplayer zombie games mobile.

Last Day on Earth: Survival (survival shooter)

  • Hardcore survival gameplay
  • Build, craft, and form alliances
  • Raid other players' bases with your friends

Last Day on Earth: Survival stands out as one of the best multiplayer zombie games for android. It plunges players into a ruthless world where survival of the fittest is the only rule. This game encourages players to scavenge for resources, craft weapons, and build shelters. But what truly elevates the experience is forming alliances with friends to take down zombies and raid bases. For those seeking a hardcore survival experience, this is one of the best zombie multiplayer mobile games.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (strategy game)

  • Tactical, side-scrolling strategy gameplay
  • Recruit and upgrade unique survivors
  • Challenging campaigns and battle bus upgrades

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare brings a refreshing twist to co op zombie games android with its side-scrolling strategy gameplay. It challenges players to use tactical thinking to mow down hordes of zombies. Building and upgrading your battle bus, alongside recruiting survivors with unique abilities, ensures each campaign is thrilling. It's a game that demands cooperation and strategy, making it a top choice for those interested in co op zombie games mobile.

State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse (strategy game)

  • Build and manage your own city
  • Train troops and lead survivors
  • Forge alliances with other players

In State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse, players get the chance to build and manage a city in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. This game establishes itself as a key player among android multiplayer zombie games through its focus on strategy and management. Leading survivors, training troops, and forging alliances are core to your progress. For gamers looking to dominate the wasteland with strategic depth, this title is a standout in the realm of co op zombie games mobile.

Brothers in Arms: Dead by Daylight Mobile (horror action game)

  • Asymmetrical horror game
  • Play as a survivor or the killer
  • Teamwork is crucial for survival

Brothers in Arms: Dead by Daylight Mobile carves a niche in the coop zombie games mobile sector with its intense, horror-packed gameplay. Choosing between playing as a terrifying killer or a survivor, players must navigate through heart-pounding scenarios. Survivors have to work closely together to escape, making it an excellent game for those who enjoy zombie games to play with friends mobile. It’s a thrilling cat-and-mouse experience that pushes teamwork and strategy to the forefront.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land (puzzle RPG)

  • Strategy and puzzle-solving RPG
  • Collect characters and build a team
  • Themed missions based on The Walking Dead series

Bringing a strategic twist to the game zombie multiplayer android category, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land combines puzzle-solving with RPG elements. Players build a team of survivors, facing missions that challenge both their strategic thinking and match-3 skills. The game’s story, closely following the TV series, adds a layer of depth and engagement, ideal for those looking for more story-driven mobile multiplayer zombie games.

Into the Dead 2 (endless runner)

  • Endless runner with zombie themes
  • Collect weapons and complete missions
  • Dodge zombies to survive

Into the Dead 2 introduces a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping experience into the multiplayer zombie mobile games landscape. This endless runner challenges players to dodge zombies and survive as long as possible. Armed with an array of weapons and tasks, every run offers new surprises and strategies. For those who enjoy a blend of speed, strategy, and survival, Into the Dead 2 stands out in the zombie multiplayer mobile category.

Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip (action shooter)

  • Action-packed shooter based on the Zombieland franchise
  • Collect and upgrade a variety of weapons
  • Complete missions in different locations

Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip offers fans of top 10 zombie multiplayer games for android a thrilling action shooter experience. Following the comedic horror theme of the Zombieland movies, it stands out with its fun gameplay and iconic humor. The game encourages players to collect an arsenal of weapons and upgrade their skills, making it an entertaining choice for those searching for zombie games to play with friends mobile.

Jurassic World Alive (augmented reality)

  • Augmented reality dinosaur collection game
  • Form teams and combat powerful dinosaurs
  • Create your own dinosaurs

While Jurassic World Alive may not fit the traditional zombie genre, it introduces an exciting augmented reality experience to zombie multiplayer mobile enthusiasts looking for something different. Players collect dinosaurs in the real world, team up for battles, and even create new dinosaur hybrids. This game expands the boundaries of traditional coop zombie games mobile, offering a unique twist on multiplayer gaming.

PUBG Mobile (battle royale shooter)

  • Intense multiplayer battle royale
  • Fight for survival against other players
  • Regularly updated with new content

PUBG Mobile wraps up our list of zombie games multiplayer mobile with a globally acclaimed battle royale experience. Although it does not focus solely on zombies, the game’s intense multiplayer action embodies the spirit of survival. Competing on a shrinking map to be the last one standing is both exhilarating and challenging, making PUBG Mobile a must-play for fans of multiplayer zombie games mobile.

In conclusion, the world of multiplayer zombie mobile games is rich and varied, offering something for every type of gamer. From strategy and survival to fast-paced action and puzzle-solving, this top 10 list ensures you and your friends will find the perfect game to enjoy together. Whether you're fighting for your life against hordes of the undead or teaming up to take down other players, the adventures are limitless. So grab your mobile device, pick a game, and start surviving the apocalypse now!

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