Top 10 Survival Building Games for PS4 in 2024

Discover the top 10 must-play survival building games for PS4 in 2024, and embark on adventures like never before.

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Top 10 Survival Building Games for PS4 in 2024
Top 10 Survival Building Games for PS4 in 2024

Are you searching for the best survival building games for PS4 in 2024? Look no further. This guide dives into the top 10 adventures you shouldn’t miss. These games will challenge your resourcefulness, strategic planning, and survival instincts, offering endless hours of entertainment.

Top 10 Survival Building Games for PS4 in 2024

In 2024, the PS4 continues to host an impressive roster of survival building games. From eerie wildernesses and desolate wastelands to alien planets, these titles promise to immerse you deeply in their survival mechanics. Whether you enjoy solo adventures or co-op challenges, there's something for everyone. Let's explore the games that have made it to our top list.

List of Top Choices

The Survivalists

  • Train monkeys for assistance
  • Explore a vibrant tropical island
  • Engaging base-building mechanics

Among survival building games for PS4, The Survivalists stands out for its unique approach to gameplay. Here, you're not just surviving; you're thriving with the help of monkeys trained to assist in gathering resources, crafting, and defending your base. The game’s colorful world, filled with mysteries and dangers, offers a refreshing take on the base building survival games PS4 genre. The Survivalists encourages creativity in survival strategies, making it a fitting candidate for our list of the best PS4 survival building games in 2024.


  • Critical decision-making in a frozen wasteland
  • Resource management and survival laws
  • City-building aspects under extreme conditions

Frostpunk presents a grim vision of the future, where managing a city's resources and moral dilemmas become as vital as building and survival itself. This game challenges players to think ahead, prioritize, and sometimes make tough decisions that affect the lives of their citizens. Frostpunk is a standout choice for those who love open world base building games PS4, offering a deep and engaging strategy experience that goes beyond traditional building survival games PS4.


  • Colorful alien planet exploration
  • Base building with unique alien technology
  • Resource harvesting and tech research

In the realm of build and craft survival games PS4, Astroneer offers a delightful exploration experience across procedurally generated alien worlds. The game's base-building mechanics allow for creativity, encouraging players to utilize alien technology to survive and thrive. Astroneer's focus on discovery and technology research makes it one of the best building survival games PS4 enthusiasts can enjoy, especially for those captivated by the mysteries of space.


  • Real-world survival mechanics (eating, sleeping)
  • Immersive open-world exploration
  • Consequences for every action

Outward sets itself apart by focusing on the realism of survival. Players must pay attention to basic needs while exploring a world that’s both beautiful and unforgiving. With the addition of meaningful consequences for every action, Outward provides a gripping survival experience. It's a game that truly fits the open world survival building games PS4 niche, blending exploration with survival in a way that few games can match. Its depth and complexity secure its place among the best survival base building games PS4 has to offer.

Medieval Dynasty

  • Forge a kingdom from humble beginnings
  • Resource management and community building
  • Dynamic world with seasons and wildlife

Medieval Dynasty takes players on a journey from a lone survivor to the ruler of a thriving medieval kingdom. This game excels in its combination of survival, base building, and life simulation. Building your settlement, managing resources, and interacting with NPCs, Medieval Dynasty stands out as a refined experience in ps4 base building survival games. If you’ve ever dreamed of ruling a kingdom while facing the challenges of survival, this game is for you.

Fallout 4

  • Extensive base-building and crafting system
  • Post-apocalyptic open-world exploration
  • Diverse quest lines and character progression

Fallout 4 is not your typical entry in survival and building games PS4, but it deserves a spot for its extensive base-building feature and immersive post-apocalyptic world. Players can construct and manage settlements, crafting everything from buildings to defenses against the wasteland’s dangers. The game’s rich storyline and character customization make it a must-play for fans of open world survival building games PS4. Fallout 4's blend of RPG elements with survival mechanics offers a deeply rewarding experience.

No Man's Sky

  • Galactic exploration with base building
  • Procedurally generated planets and species
  • Resource gathering and technological upgrades

No Man's Sky has evolved into an expansive PS4 sandbox survival building game, offering players the chance to explore a nearly infinite universe. With the game’s continuous updates, base building has become a core part of survival, allowing for almost limitless creative freedom. It stands out for its seamless blend of exploration, survival, and building elements, making it one of the best survival base building games PS4 has seen. Players can lose themselves in the quest to discover new planets and civilizations, making each experience unique.

The Forest

  • Horror-survival in a cannibal-infested wilderness
  • Complex base-building mechanics to defend against threats
  • Survival elements including hunting and crafting

In The Forest, players face not just the elements but also a terrifying enemy, setting it apart from other ps4 survival base building games. It forces players to balance the urgent needs of survival with the necessity of constructing a safe haven against nocturnal horrors. This game's emphasis on horror elements intertwined with survival mechanics provides an intense, immersive experience unique among zombie base building games PS4, even if the enemies aren't traditional zombies. The Forest is a thrilling choice for those who enjoy a scare with their survival.

7 Days to Die

  • Combines first-person shooter with survival horror
  • Building and fortifying bases against zombie hordes
  • Crafting and looting in a vast open world

As a standout among zombie survival base building games PS4, 7 Days to Die offers an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. The game excels in combining survival horror with a crafting system, pushing players to continuously improve their bases against the relentless horde. Its unique blend of first-person action, survival, and tower defense mechanics make it a challenging yet satisfying experience for fans of PS4 build and survive games. The game’s open-ended gameplay and crafting system encourage creativity and strategic planning to survive the undead apocalypse.

Don't Starve Together

  • Co-op multiplayer in a dark, whimsical world
  • Resource management and base building for survival
  • Unique characters with special abilities

Don't Starve Together expands the dark and whimsical universe of its predecessor by adding cooperative multiplayer, making it one of the best PS4 survival base building games for friends. The game challenges players to gather resources, craft items, and build a base to survive the eerie nights and various monsters. Each character's unique abilities add depth to gameplay, requiring players to strategize based on their strengths and weaknesses. Don't Starve Together is a testament to the enduring appeal of survival and building games PS4, offering a blend of difficulty, whimsy, and collaboration.

In conclusion, the PS4 boasts a diverse and rich catalog of survival building games, from the depths of space in No Man's Sky to the frozen wastelands of Frostpunk. Each game offers a unique blend of survival mechanics, base building, and exploration, providing countless hours of entertainment. Whether defending against zombie hordes, exploring alien planets, or establishing medieval dynasties, these games stand out as the pinnacle of base building survival games on PS4 in 2024. As the PS4 continues to thrive, these titles ensure that fans of the genre have plenty to look forward to.

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