Top 10 World Building Games on PS4

Discover the top 10 world-building games for PS4 to unleash your creativity and build your own universe.

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Top 10 World Building Games on PS4
Top 10 World Building Games on PS4

World building games on PS4 offer a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity and build your own universes. These games challenge your strategic thinking, planning skills, and sometimes, your survival instincts. From constructing thriving metropolises to surviving apocalyptic wastelands, the variety is vast. So, let's dive into the virtual worlds where your imagination can run wild.

Top 10 World Building Games on PS4

In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 world-building games for PS4. Each game has its own unique charm, challenges, and opportunities for creativity. Whether you're a city planner at heart, a survivalist, or a strategist, there's something here for everyone.

List of Top Choices

Cities: Skylines - Console Edition

  • Design and manage your own metropolis
  • Balance budget, traffic, and citizen happiness
  • Extensive mod support for endless creativity

In Cities: Skylines - Console Edition, players step into the shoes of a city planner and mayor. The game challenges you to design, build, and manage a bustling metropolis from the ground up. Balancing your city’s budget, keeping traffic flowing, and ensuring your citizens are happy are just the beginning. With extensive mod support, the game offers limitless possibilities for creativity, making it one of the top world building games on PS4 for aspiring urban planners and architects. Whether you're fixing real-world urban issues or creating a utopian city, Cities: Skylines offers a deep, engaging experience that's hard to put down.

Frostpunk: Console Edition

  • Lead survivors in a frozen wasteland
  • Manage resources, laws, and survival strategies
  • Make tough moral choices with no easy answers

Frostpunk: Console Edition thrusts players into a harsh, frozen world where survival is everything. As the leader of the last city on Earth, you're faced with not just managing resources but also making difficult moral choices. Will you impose strict laws to maintain order, or will you risk chaos in the name of freedom and compassion? The game’s unique blend of city-building, survival, and a moral decision-making process makes it a standout in the genre of world building games on PS4. Frostpunk asks players to not only survive the cold but also the weight of their choices.


  • Colonize and manage a settlement on Mars
  • Ensure colonists' survival by managing resources
  • Research new technologies to improve your colony

Planetbase gives you the daunting task of establishing and managing a colony on Mars. Players must carefully balance the allocation of resources to ensure their colonists' survival while dealing with the harsh Martian environment. Research plays a crucial role in advancing your colony, from improving living conditions to expanding your base with new facilities. The game combines the challenges of survival with the creativity of base-building, making it an engaging choice for fans of world building games on PS4 who dream of the stars.

Tropico 6

  • Wear the hat of a dictator or a statesman in a sunny paradise
  • Build and manage your island nation from the colonial period to the modern days
  • Attract tourists or exploit resources for your benefit

In Tropico 6, you assume the role of El Presidente, the ruler of a small island nation. This satirical city builder lets you govern as a benevolent dictator or a ruthless tyrant. The game’s humor, comprehensive building tools, and political strategies create a uniquely engaging experience. You'll build infrastructure, manage the needs and wants of your citizens, and engage in international diplomacy. Tropico 6 stands out among world building games on PS4 for its ability to blend strategy, humor, and political intrigue into one package.

Aven Colony

  • Terraform and settle on Venus
  • Master the alien environment to grow your colony
  • Protect your colonists from alien life forms

Aven Colony sets you in the distant future, where humanity seeks to colonize Venus. As governor, your task is to manage the colony’s resources, infrastructure, and defenses against the planet's dangers. The game tests your skills in both strategy and survival, as you'll face challenges from the environment and local wildlife. Aven Colony offers a fresh take on the world building genre by combining elements of science fiction and city management. Players looking for a world building game on PS4 that goes beyond traditional earthbound settings will find much to love here.


  • Relaxing, minimalist city building
  • Strategic placement to maximize points
  • Endless mode for limitless creativity

Islanders offers a refreshing take on the city-building genre with its minimalist approach. For those who find joy in the simplicity and beauty of strategic planning without the stress of managing resources, this game is a perfect pick. The player's goal is to place buildings strategically to score the highest points, pushing the limits of their creativity with each new island. The game's relaxing pace and endless mode invite players to lose themselves in their world-building pursuits, making it an exceptional choice among world building games on PS4 for those seeking a peaceful escape.

The Colonists

  • Automate your colony's infrastructure
  • Adorable robots as your citizens
  • Explore, expand, and manage resources effectively

The Colonists lets you guide a group of cute robots as they establish their own new world. This game shines in its automation system, allowing players to set up complex production and transportation lines that feel rewarding when they come to life. Players are tasked with exploring, expanding their colony, and managing resources efficiently, all while enjoying the serene atmosphere. It stands out among PS4 world building games for those who love watching their plans unfold in the most charming way possible.

Surviving Mars

  • Colonize and survive on Mars with a focus on research and exploration
  • Dynamic story events that affect your colony
  • Manage the psychological and physical well-being of your colonists

Surviving Mars challenges players not just to colonize Mars but to thrive there. With an emphasis on research, exploration, and survival, the game presents dynamic story events that can drastically affect the development of your colony. The management of your colonists' well-being, both mental and physical, adds a layer of depth to the gameplay. It offers an engaging mix of strategy and simulation for those fascinated by the prospect of space colonization and makes for a compelling entry in the world building games on PS4.

Prison Architect

  • Design and run your own high-security prison
  • Balance between security and inmate welfare
  • Handle riots, fires, and escape attempts

Prison Architect turns the table on traditional city-building by having you design and manage a maximum-security prison. Players must find the balance between unyielding security and providing for the welfare of inmates. You're responsible for preventing escapes, riots, and fires, all while ensuring the prison runs smoothly and profitably. It’s a unique addition to PS4 world building games that tests your ethical boundaries and strategic skills in managing one of the most challenging environments imaginable.

They Are Billions

  • Survive against hordes of the infected in a steampunk setting
  • Real-time strategy with pause option for strategic moves
  • Build and defend your colony to ensure its survival and expansion

They Are Billions combines real-time strategy with survival elements in a steampunk apocalypse where billions of infected try to wipe out the few remaining humans. The tension of defending your colony from overwhelming hordes, while managing resources and expanding, brings a thrilling edge to the world-building genre. The ability to pause gives players the time they need to make strategic decisions, making it stand out amongst the world building games on PS4. For those who enjoy a blend of strategy, survival, and a high-stakes atmosphere, They Are Billions is a must-play.

In conclusion, PS4 offers a diverse array of world building games spanning different settings and themes, from serene and minimalistic islands to challenging survival on distant planets. Each game provides a unique take on creativity, strategy, and management, promising hours of engaging gameplay for fans of the genre. Whether you're looking to escape into a peaceful building experience or tackle the harsh challenges of survival, these top 10 world building games on PS4 have something for every type of gamer. Embrace your inner architect, leader, or strategist, and dive into these immersive worlds that await your command.

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