Crowdfunding in the Gaming Industry

Unlock the potential of crowdfunding in the zombie & survival gaming industry. Discover strategies and successful projects that took the gaming world by storm.

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Crowdfunding in the Gaming Industry
Crowdfunding in the Gaming Industry

With the increasing number of independent game developers and an expanding market for specialized game niches, crowdfunding has become an essential tool in the gaming industry. It has allowed developers to create games tailored to a specific audience, such as zombie and survival games, by generating funds directly from fans. This article explores the impact of crowdfunding in the zombie and survival gaming industry, popular platforms, successful projects, and key strategies to help you raise funds for your own game project.

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Popular Crowdfunding Platforms

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Crowdfunding can be a game changer for developers, and it all starts with choosing the right platform for your project. Here are some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms tailored for the gaming industry:

  1. Kickstarter: Kickstarter is one of the largest and most well-known crowdfunding platforms in the world. It has a dedicated category for video games, making it easy for enthusiasts and potential backers to find your project. With an all-or-nothing funding model, it entails that you will only receive funding if you achieve your predetermined goal.
  2. Indiegogo: Indiegogo is another popular crowdfunding platform that offers flexible funding for game projects. Unlike Kickstarter, you can keep whatever funds you manage to generate during your campaign, regardless of whether or not you reach your goal.
  3. Fig: Fig is a niche crowdfunding site that specializes in supporting video game projects. It allows backers to invest in the game's development in exchange for revenue sharing, once the game is released. This provides potential investors with a more compelling reason to support the project and enables developers to raise more funds.
  4. Patreon: Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows backers to support game developers on an ongoing basis. It offers a steady stream of income, empowering creators to focus on their projects by reducing financial concerns.

Successful Crowdfunding Projects in Zombie & Survival Games

Surviving Project Zomboid:

Success stories of crowdfunding campaigns within the zombie and survival gaming arena serve as inspiration for aspiring developers. The following crowdfunding projects not only met their funding goals but also delivered some of the most sought-after titles in the genre:

  1. Project Zomboid: This isometric zombie survival game raised over $16,000 on Indiegogo in 2011, allowing the developers to expand upon their initial ideas and create a more complete game experience. Project Zomboid has since received numerous updates and still enjoys strong community engagement.
  2. 7 Days to Die: With a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $500,000 in 2013, 7 Days to Die is a prime example of a game that continues to thrive, thanks to crowdfunding. The game combines elements of first-person shooting, survival horror, and tower defense, making it a favorite among fans of the genre.
  3. Dead State: This turn-based zombie survival RPG launched on Kickstarter in 2012, raising over $330,000 to fund its development. After its successful campaign, the game was launched on Steam and has since garnered a dedicated fanbase.
  4. DayZ: Originally developed as a mod for the game ARMA 2, DayZ garnered widespread attention and interest. With the support of over $1.7 million in funds from the community, the developers successfully launched the standalone version of DayZ in 2013. It continues to be one of the most popular open-world multiplayer zombie survival games to this day.

Strategies for Running a Successful Campaign

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To maximize the potential of your crowdfunding campaign for a zombie or survival game, it's important to consider a variety of strategic elements. The following key strategies can help your campaign stand out and secure the funding it needs:

  1. Setting realistic goals: Prepare a detailed budget breakdown and establish a funding goal that realistically reflects your project's needs. Setting a clear goal allows backers to trust that their contributions will be put to good use.
  2. Developing a strong pitch: Your pitch should quickly grab the attention of potential backers, clearly communicate your game's unique selling points, and showcase your passion and dedication to the project.
  3. Creating captivating visuals and trailers: High-quality images, videos, and concept art help convey your vision for the game and demonstrate the level of quality you're aiming for. A well-crafted trailer can boost interest and raise excitement around your project.
  4. Leveraging community support: Pledge to keep your backers informed throughout the development process by sharing updates, answering questions, and being transparent about any challenges. A strong sense of community can encourage additional support and attract media attention.
  5. Active social media presence and marketing: Utilize social media platforms and targeted marketing efforts to spread the word about your campaign. Engage with influencers, streamers, and gaming communities to generate buzz and encourage additional shares and support.

Risks and Challenges in Crowdfunding

While crowdfunding can be an effective way to secure funding for your project, it isn't without risks and challenges. Some of the most notable concerns in crowdfunding include:

  1. Failed campaigns and their consequences: Crowdfunding campaigns can fail for a wide range of reasons, including a weak pitch, ineffective marketing, or unappealing rewards. A failed campaign may damage your professional reputation and the credibility of your future projects.
  2. Delays in projects and broken promises: Game development is complex, and unforeseen challenges might delay project delivery or force you to change certain aspects of your original concept. It is important to keep your backers informed and manage expectations to prevent negative publicity.
  3. Legal issues: Crowdfunding may expose your project to potential intellectual property disputes, taxation issues, and regulatory requirements. You should research the relevant laws and regulations for your jurisdiction to minimize legal risks.

Alternative Funding Methods

If crowdfunding isn't an ideal fit for your project, consider exploring alternative methods to secure funding. Some of these alternatives include:

  1. Early access sales: Selling early access to your game through platforms like Steam Early Access allows you to generate income while the game is still in development. This approach also enables you to gather player feedback and make improvements before the final release.
  2. Government funds and grants: Depending on your location, you may qualify for government-sponsored funds or grants that support the creation of video games and other creative projects. Investigate local and regional opportunities for financial assistance.
  3. Sponsorship and brand partnerships: Seek sponsorships or establish partnerships with brands or other gaming companies to secure funding or collaboration opportunities. Such relationships can introduce new resources and expertise to your project.

Conclusion and Future of Crowdfunding for Zombie Games

Crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful tool for developers in the zombie and survival gaming industry, enabling the creation of innovative and immersive experiences. By utilizing crowdfunding platforms, developers can pursue their passion projects without the constraints of traditional funding methods.

The future of crowdfunding in gaming will likely see a continued expansion, with more niche genres making their mark and communities investing in the titles they truly want to see come to life. Developers who adopt crowdfunding as a sustainable funding model will be well-positioned to succeed in this competitive and rapidly growing market.

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