Games Just Like Rust

Rust is a popular survival game and there are many Games Like Rust out on the market. Similar games like Rust include 7 Days to Die, The Long Dark, and Hurtworld. Read more today.

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Games Just Like Rust
Games Just Like Rust

Discovering other games that offer similar mechanics and features as Rust can help you expand your gaming experience.

5 Games That Are Similar To Rust

In this article, we'll explore some Rust alternative games that you might enjoy.

7 Days to Die: A Great Rust Alternative Game

7 Days to Die is a game that shares Rust's open-world survival and PvP aspects. However, in 7 Days to Die, the player's primary adversary is PvE, which comes in the form of zombies and zombie hoards that grow increasingly difficult to manage as the game progresses. Players must protect their base and prepare to defend against PvE enemies. This Rust alternative game has vast, distinctive, and diverse environments that allow players to play the game as they want. With more than 500 ingredients, players can make and repair weapons, clothes, armor, tools, vehicles, and more.

The Long Dark: A Rust Alternative Game That Requires Patience

The Long Dark is a Rust alternative game that offers a similar experience to Rust but requires patience to master. This challenging survival game has excellent survival mechanics and a vast world to explore, making it a great option for anyone looking for a calming and relaxing experience. The cold weather in The Long Dark is the most potent weapon, and the game features a single-player mode.

Hurtworld: A Closest Game to Rust

Hurtworld is probably the closest game to Rust, and it doesn't try to hide its obvious inspiration. However, it has added some interesting twists to this popular game and has been well-received for being more than just a rip-off. Rust doesn't yet have any vehicles, but Hurtworld does, allowing players to gather resources for Cars 4 & Planes 2. This Rust alternative game is a cheaper option and is a good choice for those with slower PCs.

Escape from Tarkov: A Rust Alternative Game for Pulse-Pounding PVP

Many content creators split their time between Rust and Battlestate's Escape from Tarkov because both games offer similar pulse-pounding PVP with high stakes. Rust has survival and base-building elements, while Tarkov is a more straightforward PVP looter. Players will drop onto one of the many maps to find loot. Anything found before extraction is yours to keep, and you can only lose your loot if you die. Tarkov is an anxiety-inducing game of risk and reward that can sometimes move at a snail's speed, but if you stick with it, you might struggle to escape.

Deep Rock Galactic: A Rust Alternative Game with FPS Action

Deep Rock Galactic is a Rust alternative game that focuses on interaction and offers intense FPS action. It has quietly built a reputation over the years and offers players many items to mine and harvest. The game places players in the role of dwarves who venture into caves filled with giant insects.

Games Like Rust Keep Releasing

Rust is a game that focuses on survival, exploration, and building. However, there are other games that offer similar mechanics and features that can expand your gaming experience. 7 Days to Die, The Long Dark, Hurtworld, Escape from Tarkov, and Deep Rock Galactic are all Rust alternative games that offer unique gameplay experiences. Whether you're looking for intense PVP action, challenging survival mechanics, or interaction-focused gameplay, there's a Rust alternative game out there for you to enjoy.

Did I miss any titles? I think there is a mobile clone out. Someone let me know below! Thanks for reading.

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