The Making of World War Z: Behind the Scenes of the Zombie Apocalypse Game

Explore the development journey and story behind the hit zombie apocalypse game, World War Z. Discover the game's creation, key features, and success!

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The Making of World War Z: Behind the Scenes of the Zombie Apocalypse Game
The Making of World War Z: Behind the Scenes of the Zombie Apocalypse Game

World War Z is a thrilling co-op third-person shooter game that has captured the hearts and minds of zombie enthusiasts worldwide. The game, inspired by Max Brooks' bestselling novel of the same name, offers an enticing mix of strategy, horror, and action gameplay, making it a must-try experience for fans of the genre. In this article, we delve into the making of World War Z to uncover the creative processes and decisions that came together to create this iconic title. From its initial concept and development to game mechanics, artwork, and audio design, we explore the fascinating journey behind the scenes of World War Z.

Table of Contents

  1. Concept and Initial Development
  2. Game Mechanics and Features
  3. Artwork and Visuals
  4. Sound and Music Design
  5. Marketing and Promotions

Concept and Initial Development

The idea for World War Z can be traced back to the 2006 novel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, written by Max Brooks. The book tells the story of a devastating global zombie apocalypse through a series of first-person accounts. Since its release, the novel has captivated readers with its horrifying premise and gripping storytelling, naturally sparking interest in adapting the story into various forms of media, including the 2013 feature film starring Brad Pitt.

World War Z - Concept Art — Jon McCoy Art - Concept Art for Film and Games

As video games presented a prime opportunity for immersing players in the zombie-ridden world, World War Z's development was entrusted to Saber Interactive, a game studio renowned for its expertise in creating immersive experiences. Tasked with creating a game that did justice to the gripping novel while also incorporating unique gameplay mechanics, the development team faced its fair share of challenges throughout the project.

Overcoming hurdles such as tight deadlines and high expectations, the development team began laying the foundation for World War Z by adapting the story and characters from the novel into a thrilling video game experience. The developers drew inspiration from the book's thrilling storytelling while carefully selecting plot points to translate into the game's storyline. Throughout the development process, the team remained committed to creating an immersive and intense gaming experience that captured the essence of the World War Z universe.

Game Mechanics and Features

World War Z Aftermath zombie hordes are getting even bigger | PCGamesN

At its core, World War Z is a cooperative third-person shooter that combines elements of the survival, zombie, and team-based strategy genres. Saber Interactive focused on developing innovative game mechanics that would set the title apart from other zombie games on the market. Some key gameplay elements in World War Z include:

  • Team-Based Gameplay: Players must work together as part of a four-person squad to survive missions filled with hordes of zombies and other challenges. Collaboration and strategy are essential for success.
  • Shared Progression System: Players can level up their characters and unlock new abilities, weapons, and customization options, which in turn impacts the entire team's progression.
  • Swarm Engine: The game's proprietary engine allows for hundreds of zombies to appear on screen at once, resulting in massive and terrifying hordes that players must strategize to combat effectively.
  • Various Zombie Types: The game features different zombie types, each with unique capabilities and threats, requiring players to constantly adapt their tactics.

These innovative mechanics help set World War Z apart from competitors by providing players with an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience. As players progress through the game, they can experiment with various tactical approaches to confront the ever-evolving challenges posed by the relentless zombie hordes.

Artwork and Visuals

Creating a visually engaging game world was crucial for bringing the World War Z universe to life. The artwork and visuals in the game were meticulously designed to evoke the gritty and desperate atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. Key aspects of the game's visual design include:

  • Zombie Designs: The creation of diverse and threatening zombie designs, which were inspired by the novel and real-world references, played a crucial role in establishing the game's distinctive look. Hundreds of unique zombie models were created to ensure an expansive and varied undead horde.
  • Real-World Locations: World War Z is set in various global locations ravaged by the apocalypse, including New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo. These settings contribute to a sense of authenticity that makes the game's world feel both recognizable and terrifying.
  • Graphic Quality: The commitment to deliver high-quality graphics and visual effects ensures a realistic and immersive gaming experience and amplifies the sense of horror and tension.

The talented art team at Saber Interactive was instrumental in crafting the game's engaging visuals. Their use of detailed character models and dynamic lighting effects set the stage for players to experience the heart-pounding action and terror of World War Z.

Sound and Music Design

How Auto-Tune Revolutionized the Sound of Popular Music | Pitchfork

Sound and music are critical elements in creating an immersive and gripping gaming experience, especially for titles in the survival and horror genres. World War Z's developers were keenly aware of this and placed significant emphasis on the game's sound and music design. Key aspects of the game's audio include:

  • Original Soundtrack: The game's action-packed and atmospheric soundtrack was composed to elevate the tension and immerse players in the zombie-infested world. A mix of orchestral and electronic elements creates a unique soundscape that complements the game's various locales.
  • Ambient Sound Design: In addition to the soundtrack, World War Z also contains an intricate web of ambient sounds and audio cues that signal the presence of enemies or allow players to detect the environment's subtle changes.
  • Audio-Visual Integration: The game's development team worked closely to ensure seamless integration between sound and visual elements. This coordination results in a more engaging experience, as players can easily discern the relationship between the game's audio and its on-screen events.

Through the combination of a captivating soundtrack and a carefully crafted soundscape, World War Z delivers a heart-pounding, high-stakes experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Marketing and Promotions

As the development of World War Z progressed, a multi-faceted marketing and promotional campaign was implemented to generate interest and build anticipation leading up to the game's release. Marketing strategies employed for World War Z include:

  • Teaser Announcements: Early promotional materials, such as teaser trailers and announcements, set the tone for the game and hinted at the adrenaline-fueled gameplay that awaited players.
  • Gaming Events: World War Z was showcased at various gaming events such as E3 and PAX, offering fans an opportunity to experience the game firsthand and build awareness.
  • Influencer Collaborations: The game's developers partnered with popular gaming influencers and live streamers to share gameplay footage, reviews, and promotional materials with their respective audiences.
  • Social Media Engagement: Saber Interactive regularly engaged with fans through their social media platforms, providing updates on the game's development and keeping the World War Z community informed and excited.

The combination of these marketing and promotional efforts helped to generate enthusiasm for World War Z, leading to a successful launch in April 2019.

Reception and Legacy

World War Z's Undead Sea Update Is Out Now on PS4 | Push Square

Upon its release, World War Z immediately generated a buzz in the gaming community, with fans and critics alike praising various aspects of the game. Key elements that earned commendation include:

  • Cinematic Gameplay: The game's unique blend of third-person shooting mechanics and its focus on teamwork and cooperation delivers a thrilling and cinematic gameplay experience that players appreciate.
  • Atmospheric Immersion: Critics praised the game's ability to create a tense and engaging atmosphere through its compelling visuals, engaging sound design, and exciting gameplay mechanics.
  • Replayability: With a wealth of unlockable abilities, weapons, and customization options, players are able to tailor their World War Z experience to their preferred playstyle, resulting in high replayability.

Since its launch, World War Z has continued to make a lasting impact on the survival game genre and has built a dedicated fanbase eager for any new content or updates.

Success Factors

World War Z's enduring success can be attributed to a combination of factors that contribute to its appeal for zombie and survival game enthusiasts. Some of the key factors behind the game's success include:

  1. Zombie Genre Popularity: The enduring popularity of the zombie genre in various forms of media, including games, films, and literature, has helped ensure that World War Z remains a viable title for fans of the subject matter.
  2. Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: By incorporating unique gameplay mechanics, such as team-based play and the Swarm Engine, World War Z stands out in a crowded field of zombie-related games and offers players a fresh experience.
  3. Post-Launch Support: Saber Interactive's dedication to ongoing updates and content improvements demonstrates a commitment to the game's success and fans' enjoyment, further enhancing World War Z's appeal.

By capitalizing on these success factors, World War Z has established a strong presence in the gaming world and cemented its place as a fan favorite in the genre of survival and zombie games.

Community and Fanbase

As a result of its engaging gameplay and commitment to delivering a quality experience, World War Z has amassed a dedicated and passionate community of players. Fans of the game are essential in directly shaping the game's development through their feedback and suggestions. Furthermore, they have actively participated in creating an ecosystem of discussions, events, and resources related to World War Z gameplay and strategies.

Saber Interactive actively engages with the World War Z community through various channels such as forums, social media platforms, and in-game event announcements, fostering a sense of camaraderie and loyalty among players that continues to thrive.

Future Plans and Potential Expansions

World War Z Post-Launch Roadmap Revealed, Includes New Mission, Zombie  Type, More

Given the War War Z's success and impact on the survival game genre, the developers at Saber Interactive continue to express optimism for the future of the game. They remain dedicated to creating new content, expanding on existing features, and refining the overall player experience. Upcoming updates and potential expansion plans include:

  • New Maps: The addition of new locations and maps to keep players challenged and engaged in the World War Z universe.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: Ongoing refinements to the game's mechanics and improvements to enhance the player experience.
  • Continued Community Engagement: Continued engagement with the World War Z community to gather feedback and suggestions, shaping the game's future and direction.

As World War Z looks to the future, it promises to maintain its influence on the survival game genre and continue to deliver thrilling and compelling experiences to its dedicated fanbase.


In conclusion, World War Z has captivated gamers with its enthralling gameplay, immersive visuals, and adrenaline-fueled soundtrack. Delving into the making of this iconic title has revealed the dedication, innovation, and artistry behind its development. From the game's inception to its enduring success and legacy, World War Z continues to make a significant impact on the gaming industry and enthrall zombie enthusiasts worldwide. With a thriving player community and promising future prospects, the story of World War Z's success is far from over.

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