Top 10 Base Building Games for PC Enthusiasts

Dive into the best PC base building games of 2024. Strategy, creativity, and survival collide in these top picks!

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Top 10 Base Building Games for PC Enthusiasts
Top 10 Base Building Games for PC Enthusiasts

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate base building games for PC, you're in the right place. Strategy, creativity, and survival blend seamlessly in these top picks of 2024. From managing resources in alien worlds to constructing cities from scratch, every game on this list offers a unique challenge to test your mettle. Whether you're a seasoned strategist or new to the genre, prepare to immerse yourself in worlds where your building skills can mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

Top 10 Base Building Games for PC Enthusiasts

For all base building fanatics, this diverse selection includes something for every type of player. Let's explore the games that make base building a compelling and addictive pursuit.

List of Top Choices

Valheim (Early Access)

  • Procedurally generated world for endless exploration
  • Deep crafting and building mechanics to create Viking longhouses
  • Challenging survival against mythical creatures

In Valheim, you step into a vast, procedurally generated world brimming with Norse mythology. Every corner you explore promises new resources and dangers. Crafting plays a huge part in this game, letting you construct everything from simple tools to intricate Viking longhouses. Survival is not just about battling mythical creatures; it's about braving the elements, too. With its immersive graphics and engaging gameplay, Valheim stands out as a must-try for any base-building aficionado eagerly awaiting its full release.


  • Intense player vs. player (PvP) survival dynamics
  • Focus on resource gathering, shelter building, and teamwork
  • Rich crafting system for tools and weapons

Rust throws you into a harsh multiplayer world where everyone is for themselves. Starting with nearly nothing, you must gather resources, build shelters, and craft tools and weapons. The game's emphasis on PvP adds an extra layer of challenge, demanding strategic thinking and, often, teamwork to survive. Rust's unforgiving nature can be daunting, but it's what makes building your base and protecting it from other players incredibly rewarding. You'll need to manage hunger, thirst, and the elements, making every successful day feel like a major victory.

7 Days to Die

  • Zombie horde attacks that intensify every seven days
  • Open-world exploration with a focus on scavenging for resources
  • Complex base building to protect against the undead

7 Days to Die is a unique blend of first-person survival and tower defense. The game puts you in a post-apocalyptic world where the dead walk the earth. To survive, you'll scavenge for resources during the day and fortify your base to withstand the relentless hordes of zombies that attack every seven days. The game's building system allows for creative defenses, making each attack a true test of your ingenuity and preparation. With its open-world exploration and intense survival mechanics, 7 Days to Die keeps you on your toes, combining strategy with raw action.


  • Automate everything in your ever-expanding industrial complex
  • Balance efficiency and resource management to optimize production
  • Defend your factory against alien fauna

Factorio is the dream game for fans of automation and efficiency. Starting with basic resource gathering, you'll quickly find yourself building an intricate network of mines, factories, and conveyor belts. The goal is to automate as much as possible, but that's not without its challenges. You'll need to manage resources efficiently and defend your expanding empire against the native wildlife that views your industrial activities as a threat. Factorio offers a deeply strategic and satisfying experience that will hook you for hours on end.


  • First-person view adds immersion to factory building
  • Expansive alien planet to explore and exploit
  • Complex logistics and production systems to master

Satisfactory takes the factory building genre to new heights with its first-person view and expansive alien world. As an engineer for a fictional corporation, your job is to construct massive industrial complexes to complete increasingly challenging contracts. Exploration plays a big part, with diverse biomes offering unique resources and challenges. The joy of Satisfactory comes from designing efficient production lines and logistics systems, all while marveling at the beauty of your creations within a vast, captivating landscape. It's a game that beautifully combines strategy with creativity.


  • A story generator shapes the unique narrative of your colony
  • Complex colonist psychology and needs to manage
  • Detailed base construction and defense against a variety of threats

RimWorld offers an intriguing blend of colony simulation and storytelling. Your job is to oversee a crash-landed group of colonists on a remote planet. Storytelling comes to the forefront as a unique AI Storyteller generates events based on your choices and the personalities of your colonists. Managing their needs, relationships, and moods is as critical as your strategic base layouts to defend against pirate raids, wildlife, and natural disasters. Every playthrough of RimWorld tells a distinct story, filled with triumph and tragedy, making it an endlessly replayable experience.


  • Mesmerizing underwater exploration on an alien planet
  • Resource gathering and crafting under the sea
  • Immersive base building with an emphasis on life support systems

Subnautica draws you into an alien underwater world teeming with life and mystery. After crash-landing on an ocean planet, survival hinges on your ability to explore, gather resources, and craft the equipment necessary to venture deeper into the depths. Building and managing underwater habitats is crucial, with considerations for oxygen and pressure adding layers to the challenge. Whether it's the thrill of discovery, the awe of its vibrant ecosystems, or the satisfaction of constructing a well-oiled base, Subnautica offers an unforgettable adventure beneath the waves.

The Forest

  • Survival horror elements in a rich, open world
  • Defensive and strategic base building against cannibalistic tribes
  • Resource management and crafting for survival tools and weapons

In The Forest, you're not just building a base; you're fortifying a sanctuary against the horrors of a cannibal-infested island. After surviving a plane crash, you must scavenge resources, craft tools, and build a defensible home to protect yourself and find your missing son. The game's open world is both beautiful and terrifying, offering a deeply immersive experience that tests your survival instincts. The Forest cleverly blends horror with base building, requiring strategic thinking both in constructing your stronghold and in surviving the dark secrets of the island.

Oxygen Not Included

  • Manage a space colony's vital resources to ensure survival
  • Complex environmental control for sustaining life
  • Intricate base building with a focus on efficiency and growth

Oxygen Not Included challenges you to sustain a colony inside an asteroid, where every breath your colonists take depends on your ability to manage their environment. From oxygen generation to waste disposal, every system you design affects the delicate balance of the colony's ecosystem. With charming visuals but devilishly complex mechanics, this game is a masterclass in base-building and resource management. Whether it's expanding your base into new biomes or tinkering with the perfect plumbing system, Oxygen Not Included offers a rewarding, if demanding, foray into the intricacies of keeping a space colony alive.

Cities: Skylines

  • Comprehensive city-building with detailed management systems
  • Expansive modding community for endless customization
  • Zoning, traffic flow, and urban planning strategies essential for growth

Cities: Skylines redefines the city-building genre with its complex mechanics and expansive customization options. As mayor, your challenge is to start from an empty plot and build up a bustling metropolis. Managing zoning, traffic flow, and resource allocation is just the beginning. The game's vibrant modding community has also ensured that Cities: Skylines continues to grow and evolve, offering new assets, gameplay modifications, and more. For those looking to unleash their inner urban planner, Cities: Skylines offers a sandbox of possibilities, letting you create the city of your dreams.

In 2024, base building games for PC are more varied and immersive than ever. Whether your interest lies in survival under extreme conditions, managing resources in an alien world, or planning the layout of a sprawling city, there's something on this list for you. Each game offers a distinct approach to base building, pushing the boundaries of strategy, creativity, and survival. So, gear up, strategize, and start building your way to success in these top base building games.

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