Why World War Z Sued WarZ: The Infestation Controversy

Dive into the World War Z and WarZ legal battle, unraveling the Infestation controversy and its impact on the gaming community.

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Why World War Z Sued WarZ: The Infestation Controversy
Why World War Z Sued WarZ: The Infestation Controversy

In recent years, the popularity of zombie and survival games has reached new heights, leading to the development of countless titles within the genre. Among these games, World War Z and WarZ (Infestation) have garnered substantial attention not only for their immersive gameplay but also due to the legal battle that ensued between their creators. This article delves into the controversy surrounding these two games and discusses the implications it has had on the gaming community and industry.

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The Roots of the Controversy

World War Z – Review Rush

World War Z, originally a book by Max Brooks, was developed into a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt in 2013. It gained even more popularity when it became a third-person shooter game developed by Saber Interactive in 2019. The game focuses on the players' ability to strategize and survive hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

WarZ, on the other hand, was developed by Hammerpoint Interactive and released in 2012. Later renamed as Infestation: Survivor Stories, the game followed an open-world multiplayer concept where players had to survive a zombie-infested land while fighting off other human opponents.

The War Z - SNIPERS (25 KILLS) Infestation - YouTube

Although both games belonged to the same genre, the controversy escalated when numerous similarities and accusations of copyright infringement surfaced, including:

  • Similar game titles: With both games using the "War Z" name, there was confusion and frustration within the gaming community and potential copyright infringement between the two.
  • Comparable gameplay elements: Both games revolve around surviving in a world overrun by zombies and involve crafting, scavenging for resources, and using tactical strategies, which raised suspicions of copied concepts.
  • Visual and design resemblances: Marketing materials and in-game elements of both games, such as promotional images, zombies, and weapon designs, appeared strikingly similar.

Given these disparities, it became apparent that a legal clash involving copyright infringement was imminent, leading to the World War Z creators filing a lawsuit against the developers of WarZ.

In an effort to protect their intellectual property and stake in the game, the creators of World War Z initiated the lawsuit against Hammerpoint Interactive, the developers of WarZ. The key arguments presented in this legal battle included:

  1. The unauthorized use of the World War Z name: Arguing that the name "WarZ" was intentionally chosen to confuse and mislead gamers into purchasing the WarZ game instead of the official World War Z game.
  2. Plagiarism of gameplay content: The lawsuit also made claims that WarZ copied several gameplay elements from World War Z, which infringed upon the original game's copyright.
  3. Monetary compensation: As a result of these alleged infringements, the World War Z creators sought compensation to cover the damages inflicted by the release of WarZ.

After going through all the legal processes, the court eventually ruled in favor of the World War Z creators, forcing Hammerpoint Interactive to make changes to their game in order to continue its development.

The Fallout and Community Response

The legal battle between World War Z and WarZ sparked a significant response from the gaming community. Amid the court proceedings, gamers began to voice their concerns and opinions on various platforms, such as forums and social media.

Some of the main reactions from the community were:

  • Outrage toward WarZ developers: Many players felt deceived by the WarZ creators, accusing them of riding on the popularity of the World War Z name to promote their game. This sentiment led to a backlash, wherein several players requested refunds for their purchases.
  • Frustration among new players: Due to the controversy, players who had not yet experienced either game felt unsure about which game to invest time and money into.
  • Concerns over originality: Some gamers expressed dismay at the apparent lack of originality in the zombie gaming genre and wondered whether copyright infringement would continue to be an issue in future releases.
  • Empathy for the World War Z creators: As the legal battle unfolded, many players expressed sympathy for the World War Z team, arguing that their intellectual property had been unfairly exploited.

Addressing the issue, Hammerpoint Interactive made changes to their game, including rebranding it as Infestation: Survivor Stories. This change aimed to distance the game from the World War Z title and mitigate possible confusion among potential players. The World War Z team, for their part, continued to focus on refining their game and offering an authentic experience for their player base.

Lessons Learned and the Future of Zombie Gaming

Infestation: Survivor Stories - IGN

The World War Z and WarZ controversy brought several lessons to the forefront for the gaming industry, highlighting the importance of protecting intellectual property and ensuring originality. The outcome of this legal battle led to a more cautious approach when developing zombie games, as developers realized the consequences of straying too close to copyrighted material.

Some of the notable changes and lessons emerging from this lawsuit include:

  1. Increased attention to original game concepts – Following the legal battle, game developers became more focused on creating unique game concepts within the zombie genre to avoid legal issues and stand out in the market.
  2. Enhanced vigilance in protecting intellectual property – This controversy emphasized the significance of safeguarding one's game assets and ideas against possible infringement, leading game creators to take additional measures to protect their works.
  3. Better communication between developers and players – Game developers acknowledged the importance of maintaining transparency and fostering trust with their player base, especially following the negative reaction from the community during the copyright infringement dispute.

In light of this case, the future of zombie gaming has been shaped by a call for greater innovation and creative expression among game developers. Players now anticipate unique and engaging gaming experiences that distinguish themselves from others in the market. This has led to the introduction of new game mechanics, styles, and ever-evolving storylines within the zombie genre.


While the legal battle between World War Z and WarZ (Infestation) was a messy and concerning situation for both developers and players alike, it has ultimately led to a stronger and more responsible zombie gaming industry. The lawsuit pushed game creators to prioritize originality and respect toward intellectual property while shedding light on the importance of transparency and communication with players.

As fans of the zombie genre, we can look forward to exciting new experiences in the future as developers continue to innovate and captivate players with unique games inspired by the lessons learned from the World War Z and WarZ controversy.

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