Top 10 Survival Games on PS4

Discover the ultimate top 10 survival games for PS4 to test your limits. Explore, survive, and conquer in these immersive worlds.

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Top 10 Survival Games on PS4
Top 10 Survival Games on PS4

For those searching for the best survival games on PS4, your quest ends here. From eerie forests filled with unknown dangers to vast underwater alien realms, PS4 offers a thrilling survival experience for everyone. Whether you're into crafting makeshift tools in a hostile environment or fighting off zombie hordes, PS4's survival game lineup has something to captivate your imagination and test your resilience. Prepare to embark on exhilarating journeys where your survival skills will be pushed to the limit.

Top 10 Survival Games on PS4

Let's dive into the ultimate survival experiences on PS4. Each game on our list offers a unique approach to survival, blending various elements from crafting and exploration to combat and strategy. Brace yourself for intense adventures that will require not only strength but also wits and cunning to survive.

List of Top Choices

Ark: Survival Evolved

  • Tame dinosaurs to help with tasks or as mounts
  • Build comprehensive bases from scratch
  • Survive in a dynamic ecosystem with various biomes

Combining best ps4 survival multiplayer games with an intriguing prehistoric twist, Ark: Survival Evolved is a standout choice. Players find themselves stranded on a mysterious island filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. It's a game that demands both brains and brawn, encouraging strategic planning, teamwork, and fast reflexes. Whether playing solo or collaborating online, Ark offers a diverse, engaging experience that keeps players coming back for more. The chance to tame and ride dinosaurs adds an unforgettable twist to the survival genre.


  • Experience a truly brutal online survival experience
  • Limited resources and constant threat from other players
  • Explore a massive, post-apocalyptic world

In the realm of best multiplayer ps4 survival games, DayZ stands out for its harsh realism and unforgiving nature. You're thrown into a world ravaged by an unknown virus, where humanity is just as dangerous as the infected roaming the lands. Survival means scavenging for food, weapons, and other essentials while avoiding or confronting both zombies and other players. DayZ's unpredictable nature and player interactions make each session a unique story of survival, betrayal, or camaraderie.

The Forest

  • Craft tools and build shelters to survive
  • Explore a mysterious forest filled with unknown dangers
  • Face off against a cannibalistic tribe that stalks you

The Forest, a top contender for best ps4 horror survival games, seamlessly blends elements of horror with survival mechanics. After surviving a plane crash, you find yourself in a forest teeming with cannibalistic mutants. The game challenges players to manage their basic needs while unraveling the island's dark secrets. With its chilling atmosphere and engaging survival gameplay, The Forest keeps players on the edge of their seats, combining the thrill of exploration with the tension of constant danger.


  • Create anything you can imagine using blocks
  • Explore vast, procedurally generated worlds
  • Battle a variety of creatures in survival mode

As the epitome of best ps4 sandbox survival games, Minecraft offers an open canvas for creativity alongside its survival aspects. Players can delve into endless worlds, gathering resources to craft tools, build structures, and survive against nocturnal monsters. The game's deceptively simple blocky graphics hide a complex and compelling world that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and adventure, making it a beloved game among players of all ages.


  • Scavenge resources and craft equipment to explore underwater biomes
  • Build and pilot submarines to delve deeper into the ocean
  • Unravel the mysteries of an alien planet's ocean

Subnautica stands out among best open-world crafting survival games PS4 by taking the genre under the sea. Players experience an awe-inspiring but perilous underwater world, filled with beautiful coral reefs, deep-sea trenches, and exotic creatures. Survival entails managing oxygen levels, scavenging for resources, and facing the dangers lurking in the depths. Subnautica's immersive experience and focus on exploration and discovery set it apart in the survival genre, offering a serene yet thrilling undersea adventure.

Dying Light

  • Navigate a city overrun by zombies with parkour
  • Engage in fast-paced, thrilling combat
  • Survive in a dynamic day-night cycle that changes gameplay

Dying Light offers one of the best open world zombie survival games PS4 has to offer, blending high-octane parkour with a heart-pounding survival horror experience. By day, players scavenge for supplies and craft weapons to help fight the infected. By night, the hunter becomes the hunted, as the infected grow in strength and aggression. Dying Light's innovative movement system and visceral combat make it a standout in the zombie genre, offering a genuinely thrilling survival experience.

Don't Starve Together

  • Explore a dark, whimsical world filled with strange creatures and surprises
  • Survive together with friends in an uncompromising wilderness
  • Experience unique art style and atmospheric environments

Marking its place among fun co-op survival games PS4 enthusiasts can enjoy, Don't Starve Together stands out with its quirky art style and challenging survival mechanics. This multiplayer extension of the popular Don't Starve brings friends together online to explore, gather, craft, and brave the mysterious world's dangers. Its distinct aesthetic, combined with deep, engaging gameplay, ensures that each playthrough is both challenging and immensely rewarding, making it a top choice for friends looking for a survival experience to share.

Conan Exiles

  • Survive in a vast, open world inspired by the stories of Conan the Barbarian
  • Build and defend your own strongholds
  • Conquer your enemies in brutal combat or through strategy and alliances

For those drawn to best survival base building games PS4 supports, Conan Exiles unleashes a world of barbaric splendor. The game throws players into the harsh exiled lands where they must fight to survive against a myriad of dangers while also contending with the needs of food, water, and shelter. Conan Exiles excels in delivering a rich, immersive experience that combines survival with the construction of bases and the thrill of combat, setting itself apart as a uniquely rewarding game for survival enthusiasts.

The Long Dark

  • Immerse yourself in the quiet apocalypse of the Canadian wilderness
  • Make life-or-death decisions in a world ruled by survival of the fittest
  • Face environmental challenges and wildlife

Among the best single player survival games PS4 has on offer, The Long Dark presents a thoughtful, exploratory survival experience that tests your decision-making in the face of a geomagnetic disaster. With its focus on realism and environmental storytelling, players are thrust into the cold Canadian wilderness with nothing but their wits. Realistic survival mechanics and a lack of zombies or monsters emphasize the real challenge of surviving against nature itself. It’s a game that demands patience, strategy, and respect for the natural world, making it a profound single-player journey.


  • Lead a group of survivors in a frozen wasteland
  • Manage resources, technology, and morale to sustain your city
  • Make tough decisions that test your ethics and leadership

Pushing the boundaries of traditional survival games PS4 offers, Frostpunk combines survival, city-building, and a gripping narrative into one compelling package. In a world where a perpetual winter has taken hold, players are tasked with managing the last city on Earth. Frostpunk challenges you to not only survive the harsh conditions but to build a thriving community despite the odds. It's a test of resource management, social policy, and adaptability, wrapped in a beautifully icy dystopian world.

Survival games on PS4 offer a broad spectrum of experiences that cater to a variety of play styles and preferences. Whether you're a fan of cooperative play, seeking a solo adventure, or looking for a brutal multiplayer showdown, there's no shortage of opportunities to test your mettle. So grab your controller, choose your survival adventure, and dive into the untamed wilds that await within these top PS4 titles. In the end, no matter which game you pick, the promise of adventure, challenge, and the thrill of surviving against all odds is guaranteed.

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