Top 10 PS4 Survival Games You Must Play

Dive into our top 10 PS4 survival games list, designed to test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore now!

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Top 10 PS4 Survival Games You Must Play
Top 10 PS4 Survival Games You Must Play

Discover the best survival games for PS4 that will challenge your wits, resourcefulness, and perseverance. These games are not just about surviving but about immersing you in worlds where every resource counts and every decision can mean the difference between life and death. Let's explore the top 10 PS4 survival games that have captivated players around the globe with their intense gameplay, beautiful yet dangerous environments, and intricate survival mechanisms.

Explore the Best Survival Games on PS4

Survival games have a special place in the hearts of those who love a good challenge. From post-apocalyptic worlds overrun by zombies to the uncharted depths of an alien ocean, these games require you to manage resources, craft tools, and fight to stay alive. The PS4 offers an extensive library of survival games, but we've narrowed down the list to bring you the top 10 must-play titles. Each game offers a unique twist on survival, whether it's building in a blocky world or fighting off cannibals in a forest. Let's dive in and explore the realms of survival on PS4.

List of Top Choices


  • Open-world sandbox environment
  • Multiplayer and single-player modes
  • Endless resource gathering and building possibilities

Minecraft is more than just a game; it's a phenomenon. As one of the best survival games on PS4, it throws players into a dynamically generated world filled with endless possibilities. Whether you prefer to explore its realms alone or dive into the multiplayer experience, Minecraft offers an unparalleled sandbox for your creativity. It’s not just about surviving the night against creepers and zombies; it’s about shaping the world around you, brick by brick. Available as one of the PS4 survival sandbox games, Minecraft stands out for its limitless creativity and the freedom it offers to players.

The Long Dark

  • Realistic survival mechanics
  • Immersive frozen wilderness environment
  • Single-player focus with a deep narrative

Among the realistic survival games for PS4, The Long Dark sets itself apart with its focus on isolation and survival in the unforgiving Canadian wilderness. It doesn’t hold your hand, pushing you to manage hunger, thirst, warmth, and fatigue as you navigate through its silent, snowy world. Unlike many other PS4 survival games, it strips away the fantastical elements to offer a pure, man-versus-nature experience. This game is a gem for those looking for a solitary survival challenge, embodying the raw essence of ps4 wilderness survival games.


  • Massive open-world multiplayer
  • Permadeath for high-stakes gameplay
  • Interaction with other players leads to unpredictable outcomes

DayZ is relentless and unforgiving, pitting players against each other and the elements in a post-apocalyptic world. Each encounter with other players could lead to a tense alliance or a deadly confrontation, making it one of the most intense multiplayer survival games for PS4. DayZ shines as a ps4 survival game online, emphasizing survival, scavenging, and the human condition under duress. If you crave high stakes and unpredictable encounters in a gloomy, zombie-infested world, DayZ is a matchless choice among PS4 zombie apocalypse games.

ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Dinosaur-taming and base building
  • Massive, explorable open world
  • Both single-player and multiplayer modes available

For those who dream of a survival game with a prehistoric twist, ARK: Survival Evolved offers an exhilarating venture. Trapped on a mysterious island, players must tame dinosaurs, build shelters, and band together to survive. Its balance of survival, crafting, and exploration elevates it among open world survival games on PS4. Whether you choose to brave this world alone or with others, ARK delivers a thrilling experience as one of the PS4 best open world survival games, blending survival mechanics with the awe of a lost world.


  • Underwater exploration with a rich storyline
  • Oxygen management for added survival challenge
  • Base-building under the sea

Subnautica takes survival into the depths of an alien ocean, where beauty and danger coexist. Unlike typical ps4 survival games, it adds the unique element of underwater exploration, forcing players to manage their oxygen levels while uncovering the mysteries of the deep. Its mesmerizing visuals and compelling story make it a standout in the realm of PS4 survival exploration games. If you're looking for a game that combines the thrill of survival with the wonder of exploration, Subnautica is an underwater adventure that's hard to beat.

The Forest

  • Creepy, atmospheric setting with cannibals and mutants
  • Impressive survival and base-building mechanics
  • Co-op multiplayer support

The Forest stands out among PS4 survival horror games for its thrilling blend of survival, horror, and building in a sinister forest full of dangers. After surviving a plane crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling cannibals and creatures that lurk in the shadows. With its focus on crafting, building, and surviving against the odds, The Forest offers a unique, immersive experience that keeps you on your toes. Whether you’re braving it solo or with friends, it's among the PS4 best survival games, perfectly mixing horror with survival mechanics.

No Man's Sky

  • Endless universe with procedurally generated planets
  • Resource gathering and base building on a galactic scale
  • Supports multiplayer exploration

No Man's Sky, once infamous for its rocky launch, has since evolved into one of the most expansive open world survival games PS4 has to offer. This game sets you loose in a vast universe with billions of planets to explore, each teeming with unique flora and fauna. It combines survival, exploration, and crafting elements on an unprecedented scale, cementing its place as a top entry among PS4 games open world survival enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring the cosmos alone or with friends, No Man's Sky promises an adventure that's as boundless as space itself.

Conan Exiles

  • Brutal open-world set in the Conan the Barbarian universe
  • Deep building and crafting systems
  • Intense player vs environment and player vs player combat

Conan Exiles thrusts players into a harsh, unforgiving world where they must survive, build, and dominate their enemies. Its savage land filled with dangers makes it a standout among PS4 best open world survival games. The game offers a rich building system and the opportunity to enslave defeated enemies, adding depth to its survival mechanics. With its brutal take on the survival genre, Conan Exiles has carved out a niche for players looking for a gritty, mature adventure among PS4 survival games.

Green Hell

  • Ultra-realistic survival mechanics
  • Set in the dense Amazon rainforest
  • Psychological thriller elements with a strong narrative

Green Hell is arguably one of the most realistic survival games PS4 players have at their disposal. Set in the Amazon rainforest, it challenges you to survive in one of the most biodiverse and dangerous environments on Earth. From managing your physical and mental health to dealing with threats ranging from jaguars to tropical diseases, Green Hell doesn't hold back. It’s a standout entry among PS4 realistic survival games, offering an unparalleled level of detail in its survival mechanics and an engaging story that pulls you deeper into its green abyss.

Don't Starve

  • Unique art style with quirky, Tim Burton-esque visuals
  • Challenging resource management and crafting
  • Available in both single-player and multiplayer (Don't Starve Together)

Don't Starve mixes survival with dark humor in a land of strange creatures and unrelenting danger. Its unique visual style and tough survival mechanics make it a treasure among single-player and multiplayer PS4 survival games. Players must gather resources, craft items, and uncover the secrets of a bizarre land if they wish to survive. As one of the PS4 survival crafting games, Don't Starve offers a distinct, engaging experience that's both challenging and rewarding, proving that survival games can be as whimsical as they are merciless.

In conclusion, the PS4 library offers a wide variety of survival games, each bringing its unique flavor to the genre. From the blocky realms of Minecraft to the cosmic expanses of No Man's Sky, there's a world for every type of survivor. Whether you crave the fear and suspense of survival horror, the strategic planning of base building, or the thrill of exploring uncharted territories, these top picks represent the very best the platform has to offer. Dive into any of these games, and you'll find yourself lost in hours of engaging, immersive gameplay that only PS4's top survival games can provide.

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