Epic First-Person Shooter Zombie Games on Game Pass

Delve into high-octane action with our top picks of FPS zombie games on Game Pass.

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Epic First-Person Shooter Zombie Games on Game Pass
Epic First-Person Shooter Zombie Games on Game Pass

If you're a gaming enthusiast seeking high-octane thrills, then this guide to the best FPS zombie games on Game Pass is just what you need. Immerse yourself in the tense, thrilling world of zombie survival and put your trigger finger to the ultimate test. From gritty, grim atmospheres to light-hearted action, we've ranked the top titles on Game Pass you absolutely need to check out.

Top FPS Zombie Games on Game Pass

In this guide, we'll walk you through the diverse range of FPS zombie games on Game Pass. Whether you enjoy heart-stopping horror or you're in it for the fun and frights, our list includes titles that cater to every preference.

Table of Contents

  1. Dead Space: A Spine-chilling Space Adventure
  2. Left 4 Dead 2: Teamwork in the Face of Undying Zombies
  3. Resident Evil Series: A Classic Re-imagined
  4. Dying Light: Parkour Meets Zombie Apocalypse
  5. DOOM Eternal: The Ultimate Demon Slaying Experience
  6. State of Decay 2: Zombie Survival meets Community Building
  7. Tips To Excel in FPS Zombie Games on Game Pass

Dead Space: A Spine-chilling Space Adventure

Could we ever see another Dead Space game?

If it's terrifying atmosphere and tense, strategic combat you're after, Dead Space delivers in spades. In this game, you're plunged into an alien-infected spaceship with nothing but your wits and your weapons to keep you alive. What separates Dead Space from other FPS zombie games on Game Pass is its unique, zero-gravity horror setting.

It offers a cinematic, immersive experience, with its dark and eerie spaceship environments, complemented by an equally unsettling soundtrack. You never know what may come crawling out of the shadows, or when, keeping you perpetually on edge.

Standout Features

  • Strategic Dismemberment Gameplay: In Dead Space, it's not just about the headshots. Attack a zombie’s limbs to slow it down or disable it entirely.
  • Zero-Gravity Environments: Encounter horrifying aliens even in the weightlessness of space.
  • Full-Blown Horror Experience: It's not just the zombies that are terrifying - the spaceship's deserted, damaged interiors can be equally unsettling.

Left 4 Dead 2: Teamwork in the Face of Undying Zombies

As Left 4 Dead 2 turns 10, we speak to its creators about the Valve ...

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 takes the co-op FPS experience to a new level. It is all about teamwork and clear communication with your teammates as you navigate through the zombie-infested landscapes. From ominous hospitals to murky swamps, each dramatic stage calls for quick thinking and unerring teamwork.

What Sets It Apart?

What makes Left 4 Dead 2 stand out in the plethora of FPS zombie games on Game Pass is its AI system, famously known as the "Director." This adaptive AI changes the intensity of battles, the composition of the horde, and even the weather based on your performance, making no two playthroughs exactly alike.

Key Features to Note:

In Left 4 Dead 2, you will encounter new types of zombies, each with its own unique behaviours and attacks. Some examples include:

  • "Spitters": these zombies can lob toxic spit from a distance.
  • "Jockeys": these zombies leap onto players' backs and wrest control away from them.
  • "Chargers": these zombies perform charging attacks that can bowl over a group of survivors in one fell swoop.

Resident Evil Series: A Classic Re-imagined

2560x1600 Netflix Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Show 2560x1600 ...

No discussion of FPS zombie games would be complete without mention of the Resident Evil series. Over the years, Resident Evil has taken gamers on a spectacular, horrific journey — drawing them into a world filled with bio-organic weapons, mystery, and indisputably, terror. The standout titles available on Game Pass include Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6.

The Resident Evil game's design, coupled with its intrigue-filled storyline, will constantly keep you questioning and on edge. Of particular note is Resident Evil 4's refined gameplay mechanics that has gained a legendary status among fans.

What Makes The Resident Evil Series Unique?

"It's the blend of intense survival horror gameplay, rich lore, and immersive storylines that have solidified Resident Evil's place in the pantheon of iconic zombie games."

Dying Light: Parkour Meets Zombie Apocalypse

Dying Light: Revived - Game Wisdom

In Dying Light, the lines blur between an open-world sandbox and a survival horror game. This is one FPS zombie title on Game Pass that provides a novel approach to traversing a zombie-infested city - parkour. Whether you're jumping across rooftops, climbing walls, or even zip-lining, Dying Light offers a whole new dimension to survival.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Dying Light also implements a day-night cycle, which dramatically transforms gameplay. By day, you scavenge for resources and set traps for the slow, lumbering infected. But come night, the infected turn aggressive, and the true fright begins.

Key Aspects of Dying Light

  1. Day-Night Cycle: The game dynamics change based on the time of day, making survival more challenging and encounters with zombies more terrifying.
  2. Parkour System: Free-running parkour lets you navigate through the city in unique ways, often giving you the upper hand against the undead.
  3. Co-op mode: Team up with friends for some co-op carnage, adding a layer of strategy to survival.

DOOM Eternal: The Ultimate Demon Slaying Experience

Doom Eternal Update 2 Is Now Live On All Platforms Including Some ...

Sure, DOOM Eternal might not have traditional undead zombies, but it does make you face off against hordes of hellish creatures, which is undeniably in the spirit of the genre. This game redefines fast-paced FPS gameplay, with fluid movement mechanics, intricate level design, and over-the-top demon extermination.

Innovation like Never Before

DOOM Eternal's 'push-forward' combat encourages aggressive play, rewarding you for taking risks and diving straight into chaotic demon fights. Plus, with an arsenal of gear and upgrades, you'll feel like an ultimate demon-slaying machine.

State of Decay 2: Zombie Survival meets Community Building

State of Decay 2 release date announced | Trusted Reviews

This one is for those who like their zombie games laced with strategy and resource management. In State of Decay 2, you don't just fight off hordes of the undead - you also build a community, manage resources, and decide on the best strategies for survival. Who knew the zombie apocalypse could also include diplomacy and home improvement?

Community is Key

State of Decay 2 strongly emphasizes the importance of community. Each character in your group brings unique skills and traits to the table - it's all about balancing those strengths to maximize survival prospects.

Between managing scarce resources, building your base, and making tough moral decisions, State of Decay 2 injects the zombie genre with a dose of simulation and strategy.

Tips To Excel in FPS Zombie Games on Game Pass

  1. Understanding the Game Mechanics: Every game has unique aspects that make it stand out. Knowing what these are and how to use them will significantly boost your performance.
  2. Meticulous Planning: In FPS zombie titles, rushing in guns blazing rarely works. Strategize your moves, save ammunition, and only use your best weapons when necessary.
  3. Mastering the Controls: As straightforward as it may sound, mastering the controls could be the difference between life and (undead) death in these games. Practice until your movements become second nature.

And that wraps up our top picks for FPS zombie games on Game Pass. Whether you're a seasoned survivalist or new to the genre, these titles promise to deliver thrilling experiences unlike any other. Happy zombie hunting!

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