Kickstarter's Role in Gaming | The Most Funded Video Games

Discover how Kickstarter has impacted the gaming industry by exploring the most funded video games ever. Learn about successful projects and their effects on gaming.

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Kickstarter's Role in Gaming | The Most Funded Video Games
Kickstarter's Role in Gaming | The Most Funded Video Games

Zompedia readers, be prepared to delve deep into the fascinating world of Kickstarter and its impact on the zombie and survival strategy gaming industry. As you know, crowdfunding has become a key player in launching exciting, innovative video games. In this article, we will explore the growth of crowdfunding in gaming, highlight some of the most successful Kickstarter-funded zombie and survival strategy games, and provide tips for launching your very own gaming Kickstarter campaign.

Table of Contents

  1. The Growth of Crowdfunding in Gaming
  2. Kickstarter Success Stories in Zombie Games
  3. Role of Kickstarter in Survival Strategy Games
  4. Kickstarter's Influence on Game Development & Community Engagement
  5. Tips for Launching a Successful Gaming Kickstarter Campaign

The Growth of Crowdfunding in Gaming

Over the past decade, crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Fig have grown exponentially in popularity. These platforms provide game developers, both established and amateur, the opportunity to receive funding from passionate fans and like-minded people around the globe. This trend has revolutionized the gaming industry by:

  • Empowering smaller studios and indie creators: With crowdfunding, skilled creators have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life without necessarily requiring the support of big publishers.
  • Democratizing funding: Crowdfunding allows fans to directly support the games they love, bypassing traditional gatekeeping barriers.
  • Encouraging experimentation and innovation: Developers can take more creative risks, producing unique and exciting games that may not have been possible through traditional funding methods.

As a result, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms have upheaved the gaming landscape, enabling the birth of novel games and genres, such as those in the zombie and survival strategy niche.

Kickstarter Success Stories in Zombie Games

7 Days to Die on Steam

Many beloved zombie games have emerged thanks to the power of crowdfunding. Some notable Kickstarter-backed zombie games include:

Project Zomboid

Developed by The Indie Stone, Project Zomboid is an open-world, isometric zombie sandbox game that received a kick-start through crowdfunding. This game enjoys high ratings and a cult following, a prime testament to Kickstarter's potential for fostering successful video game projects. The realistic survival aspects of Project Zomboid, such as scavenging, crafting, and dealing with illness, make it a prime example of the depth and complexity that can come from indie developers.

Dead State

Created by industry veterans at DoubleBear Productions, Dead State is another Kickstarter-funded gem. It features a unique blend of role-playing and survival elements in a zombie-infested world on the brink of collapse. The game quickly generated interest and reached its crowdfunding goal, underscoring the strength of the gaming community's support for innovative zombie experiences.

7 Days to Die

With a highly successful Kickstarter campaign surpassing its funding goal by over 400%, 7 Days to Die by The Fun Pimps stands out as a massive Kickstarter triumph. This zombie survival game combines elements of first-person shooters, sandbox, and tower defense games, attracting a broad spectrum of dedicated gamers. Ongoing development and updates fueled by the support of the gaming community have kept this title thriving since its crowdfunding days.

Role of Kickstarter in Survival Strategy Games

First person sci-fi survival game Planet Nomads | GameWatcher

Just as in the zombie genre, Kickstarter has played a substantial role in the development and success of survival strategy games. Here are a few examples of Kickstarter-funded survival strategy titles:

The Long Dark

Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark is a survival strategy gem that emerged from a crowdfunding campaign. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must navigate through harsh, frozen environments, this game provides a refreshing twist on the survival genre. With an emphasis on exploration, resource management, and thoughtful decisions, The Long Dark has become a fan-favorite title, showcasing the potential of crowdfunding for nurturing unique gaming experiences.

This War of Mine

Developed by 11 Bit Studios, This War of Mine presents a harrowing and thought-provoking portrayal of war through the eyes of civilian survivors. Set in a fictional war-torn city, players must manage their shelter and resources while making difficult moral choices. Funding for this game came from a combination of traditional sources and crowdfunding, highlighting Kickstarter's ability to supplement and amplify game development efforts in the survival strategy genre.


From the same team behind This War of Mine, Frostpunk is another survival strategy hit that also received support from the Kickstarter community. Set in a frozen world, players face the challenge of building and maintaining the last city on Earth amidst scarce resources and a devastated environment. Kickstarter has played a role in the rise of hybrid strategy/survival games like Frostpunk, contributing to the growth and diversification of the genre.

Kickstarter's Influence on Game Development & Community Engagement

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms have reshaped the game development process and strengthened community engagement in a number of ways:

  • Direct communication with players: Developers have the chance to interact with their backers, receiving valuable feedback and ideas throughout the development process.
  • Increased transparency: Fans have the opportunity to witness the game's evolution, fostering trust and understanding between developers and consumers.
  • Accountability: With stakeholder funding comes increased responsibility for developers, instilling a drive to deliver on promises and satisfy their backers.
  • Shared excitement: Crowdfunding campaigns create anticipation and foster a shared sense of ownership among backers, who can feel pride in helping bring a game to life.

These factors generate a stronger bond between developers and players, propelling the growth and success of crowdfunded zombie and survival strategy games.

Tips for Launching a Successful Gaming Kickstarter Campaign

Top 10 Best Kickstarter Board Games of 2023 - Board Games Land

If you're an aspiring game developer or simply want to support your favorite crowdfunding campaigns, keeping these tips in mind can increase the odds of a successful Kickstarter campaign:

  1. Plan meticulously: Develop a clear vision and detailed budget for your project. Backers are more likely to support well-organized campaigns that communicate realistic goals and have a solid plan in place.
  2. Create engaging content: Showcase your game through high-quality visuals, trailers, and gameplay footage. A compelling presentation will attract backers and generate excitement for your project.
  3. Offer enticing rewards: Create a rewarding experience for backers by offering limited-edition physical items, in-game content, or exclusive donor benefits. Ensure rewards are in line with the project's budget and scope.
  4. Communicate consistently: Keep your backers in the loop with regular updates on progress, setbacks, or successes. Maintaining open lines of communication fosters trust and keeps backers invested in your project.
  5. Build a community: Engage with your supporters through social media, forums, and Kickstarter comments. Active community involvement can generate valuable feedback and build momentum for your campaign.
  6. Plan a marketing strategy: Utilize social media, e-mail marketing, press outreach, and collaboration with influencers to increase visibility and generate buzz around your project.

By adhering to these best practices, aspiring game developers or supporters can maximize their chances of success, helping bring more innovative and engaging zombie and survival strategy games to the world.


The rise of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms has revolutionized the gaming landscape, giving birth to a plethora of unique and captivating zombie and survival strategy games. From empowering indie developers to fostering strong community engagement, the influence of crowdfunding on game development has unlocked the door to fascinating new gaming experiences. For any zombie or survival strategy enthusiast, Kickstarter remains an invaluable resource for discovering and supporting fresh, innovative projects in the realm of gaming.

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