Ultimate Guide to Plants vs Zombies Merchandise: Explore the Collection

Discover the exciting world of Plants vs Zombies merchandise! From toys to apparel, our ultimate guide highlights all the must-have items for fans.

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Ultimate Guide to Plants vs Zombies Merchandise: Explore the Collection
Ultimate Guide to Plants vs Zombies Merchandise: Explore the Collection

Welcome to the world of Plants vs Zombies merchandise! This beloved tower defense game has captured the hearts of millions of players since its debut in 2009. With its quirky plants and goofy undead foes, it's no wonder the franchise has expanded to include a host of merchandise to delight fans of all ages. In this ultimate guide, we'll walk you through the diverse collection of Plants vs Zombies-themed toys, clothing, and home accessories to help you choose the perfect item for the fan in your life.

Table of Contents

  1. Toys and Collectibles
  2. Clothing and Accessories
  3. Home and Office Items
  4. Video Game-Inspired Items
  5. Picking the Perfect Gift for Plants vs Zombies Fans

Toys and Collectibles

Diamond Select Toys and Popcap to Launch Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare  Toys in September! - Graphic Policy

There's no shortage of Plants vs Zombies toys and collectibles out there for players of all ages to enjoy. From plush toys to action figures, you're sure to find a unique item that represents your favorite characters and battles from the game. Here are some popular categories:

Plush Toys

Bring home the adorable characters from Plants vs Zombies with a wide range of plush toys! These soft, cuddly collectibles are perfect for fans young and old. Some popular plush characters include:

  • Peashooter - the plant hero that shoots peas at zombies
  • Sunflower - the radiant plant responsible for producing sun in the game
  • Conehead Zombie - a resilient undead with a road cone for armor
  • Cherry Bomb - the explosive duo that can blow up groups of zombies

Action Figures

Action figures bring your favorite Plants vs Zombies characters to life! These poseable toys let fans recreate exciting battles from the game or create their own imaginative stories. Here are a few popular action figures to check out:

  • Cactus - the prickly plant that can shoot needles from a distance
  • Bonk Choy - the brawling plant that delivers powerful punches
  • Pirate Zombie - a swashbuckling undead on a quest for brains
  • Wall-nut - the sturdy barrier plant, perfect for keeping zombies at bay

Building Sets

For fans who enjoy building and creativity, Plants vs Zombies-themed building sets are perfect! These sets feature elements from the game, such as plant and zombie minifigures, allowing fans to construct their own battlegrounds for epic showdowns. Some popular building sets include:

  • Garden Warfare - Create thrilling battles inspired by the Garden Warfare series using this detailed set
  • Zombie Tower - Build a multi-level tower filled with zombie challenges for plants to overcome
  • Plant Base Defense - Construct a fortress for plants to defend against the onslaught of zombie invaders

Board Games

Bring the excitement of Plants vs Zombies to your game nights with themed board games! These games are designed for players of all ages and incorporate elements of strategy and teamwork that fans will love.

  • Plants vs Zombies: Risk Edition - Combine classic Risk strategy with the world of Plants vs Zombies in this unique board game
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: Seize the Taco Strategy Game - Build your team of plants or zombies and race to capture the taco in this fast-paced game

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

For Funko Pop! collectors looking to incorporate their love for Plants vs Zombies, there's a range of charming vinyl figures available. These stylized figures capture the essence of each character, making them perfect for display on shelves or desks. Some popular Plants vs Zombies Funko Pop! figures include:

  • Super Brainz - the powerful and stylish zombie hero from Garden Warfare 2
  • Captain Deadbeard - the pirate zombie captain with an impressive beard
  • Kernel Corn - the plant commando with a corn-on-the-cob minigun
  • Rose - a mystical plant sorceress with powerful abilities

Clothing and Accessories

TOMY Awarded Toy License for 'Plants vs. Zombies' | License Global

Show off your love for Plants vs Zombies to the world with a variety of clothing and accessories! There's something for everyone, from casual T-shirts to themed backpacks. Here are some popular categories:

T-Shirts and Hoodies

Stay stylish and comfortable with Plants vs Zombies-themed attire. Graphic tees and hoodies are available in a range of colors, sizes, and designs, featuring popular game characters and catchphrases. A few examples include:

  • Peashooter Action - a T-shirt showcasing a Peashooter about to fire a pea
  • Zombie Horde - a hoodie featuring an army of zombies ready for attack
  • Team Plants vs Team Zombies - a T-shirt with logos for both plant and zombie teams


Top off your outfit with a trendy Plants vs Zombies cap! There are various hat designs featuring game characters and logos, allowing fans to express their team allegiance. Some popular options include:

  • Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies - a cap inspired by the in-game store
  • Conehead Zombie - a hat with the iconic Conehead Zombie design
  • Sunflower Cap - a cheerful cap featuring the radiant Sunflower


Keep your feet cozy with Plants vs Zombies socks! These colorful accessories come in different character motifs, perfect for spicing up your sock drawer. Here are a few fun options:

  • Chomper Socks - purple socks featuring the voracious Chomper plant
  • Newspaper Zombie Socks - socks with the Newspaper Zombie and its unreadably tattered paper
  • Peashooter and Zombie Duo - socks dividing the Peashooter and a zombie into two halves

Bags and Backpacks

Carry your essentials in style with Plants vs Zombies bags and backpacks! Perfect for school, work, or travel, these themed carriers are both practical and fun. Some popular options include:

  • Garden Warfare Backpack - a spacious backpack featuring Garden Warfare 2 characters
  • Plants vs Zombies Tote - a handy tote bag depicting the eternal plant-zombie battle
  • Zombie Face Crossbody Bag - a quirky crossbody bag with a detailed zombie face


Add a touch of Plants vs Zombies to your jewelry collection! From earrings to necklaces, these little trinkets can help you subtly display your fandom. Examples include:

  • Peashooter Stud Earrings - wearable mini Peashooters for your ears
  • Sunflower Pendant - a radiant Sunflower necklace for plant-lovers
  • Zombie Charm Bracelet - a bracelet with a variety of quirky zombie-themed charms

Home and Office Items

PVZ Plush, 12 Inches Plants vs Zombies Plush Doll Cute Zombies Team Plush  Gifts | pvzplush.com

Brighten up your home or office with Plants vs Zombies-themed items! From wall art to bedding, these products let you incorporate the fun and quirky game ambiance into your everyday spaces. Here are some popular categories:

Posters and Wall Art

Transform your walls with Plants vs Zombies posters or canvases, which proudly display your favorite characters and scenes from the game. A few examples include:

  • Plants vs Zombies Battle Scene - a vibrant poster showcasing an exciting battle between plants and zombies
  • Garden Warfare 2 Key Art - a high-quality canvas print featuring Garden Warfare 2 characters
  • Zombie Collage - a creative poster depicting an assortment of zombies in a stylish collage


Upgrade your stationery with Plants vs Zombies designs! From notebooks to pencil cases, adding a touch of game elements to your work or study space can make any task more enjoyable. Some popular items include:

  • Peashooter Notebook - a lined notebook with a dynamic Peashooter on the cover
  • Zombie Pencil Case - a practical and amusing pencil case showcasing various zombies
  • Plant and Zombie Sticker Set - a vibrant sticker assortment for your journals and planners

Mugs and Drinkware

Enjoy your favorite beverages in Plants vs Zombies-themed mugs and drinkware. These charming items let you enjoy your morning coffee or stay hydrated throughout the day while showing off your game loyalty. Some popular options include:

  • Gargantuar Coffee Mug - a sturdy mug featuring the fearsome Gargantuar zombie
  • Cherry Bomb Water Bottle - a reusable water bottle with an explosive Cherry Bomb design
  • Character Collage Tumbler - a tumbler displaying a fun assortment of plants and zombies


Bring the excitement of Plants vs Zombies to your bedroom with themed bedding sets! Transform your sleeping space into a cozy battleground with plant and zombie-patterned sheets, pillowcases, and comforters. Take a look at some popular designs:

  • Peashooter Adventure - a bedding set showcasing Peashooter's epic battles against zombies
  • Sunflower Dream - a bright and cheerful bedding set featuring Sunflowers and other plant characters
  • Zombie Attack - thrilling bedding set with a variety of zombies on the prowl

Phone and Tablet Accessories

Customize your phone or tablet with Plants vs Zombies accessories! From protective cases to pop sockets, these items let you carry your favorite game characters wherever you go. Examples include:

  • Conehead Zombie Phone Case - a case featuring the iconic Conehead Zombie artwork
  • Peashooter Pop Socket - a collapsible grip and stand with the adorable Peashooter character
  • Zombie Pattern Tablet Sleeve - a protective sleeve with a fun zombie pattern for your tablet

Video Game-Inspired Items

Plants Vs. Zombies Officially Priced And Dated For Xbox Live Arcade - Game  Informer

For die-hard Plants vs Zombies fans, there's a range of video game-inspired items that can elevate your gaming experience. These unique products take you closer to the game and offer exclusive content or custom designs. Here are some popular categories:

Limited Edition Game Bundles

Enhance your game collection with limited edition Plants vs Zombies game bundles. These editions often include exclusive bonuses or additional content, such as downloadable skins or soundtracks. Some popular limited edition bundles are:

  • Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Deluxe Edition - a bundle with exclusive digital content and bonuses
  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Upgrade - a digital upgrade with exclusive in-game items

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Expand your Plants vs Zombies gaming experience with downloadable content (DLC) packs. These packs offer new characters, costumes, maps, and game modes, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting. Examples of popular DLC packs include:

  • Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One - a content update for Garden Warfare 2, introducing new characters, maps, and more
  • Graveyard Variety Pack - a DLC for Garden Warfare 2, featuring a new map and additional gameplay features

In-game Cosmetics

Customize your in-game characters with exclusive cosmetic items! These virtual products let you personalize your gaming experience and show off your style in multiplayer matches. Popular cosmetic items include:

  • Legendary Hats - unique headwear for plants and zombies, available in different themes and designs
  • Character Skins - exclusive outfits that give your favorite characters a fresh new look
  • Weapon Skins - custom designs for your characters' weapons, adding flair to your in-game arsenal

Custom Consoles

Embrace your love for Plants vs Zombies with custom-designed video game consoles. Featuring unique artwork and color schemes, these consoles make your gaming setup stand out. Some exclusive designs include:

  • Plants vs Zombies Xbox One S - a custom console with Garden Warfare 2 branding and vibrant design

Game Soundtracks

Enjoy the captivating music of Plants vs Zombies by adding game soundtracks to your music collection. These soundtracks feature memorable tunes from different editions of the franchise. Some popular soundtracks include:

  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Original Soundtrack - a compilation of tracks from the Garden Warfare game
  • Plants vs Zombies 2 Original Soundtrack - the musical score of the sequel to the original game

Picking the Perfect Gift for Plants vs Zombies Fans

Finding the right present for a Plants vs Zombies fan can seem daunting with so much variety available. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the perfect gift:

Age and Gender Recommendations

Consider the age and gender of the person receiving the gift. Pick age-appropriate toys and clothing items that the recipient would enjoy and be able to use.

The Importance of Limited Editions

Limited edition items make for special and unique gifts, as they often contain exclusive content or designs that are unavailable through general releases. These items are perfect for avid collectors and die-hard fans.

Choosing an Item Based on a Person's Personality

Consider the recipient's personality, interests, and favorite game elements when selecting a gift. Choose items that reflect their specific tastes and preferences.

Knowing Where to Buy Exclusive Items

Exclusive and limited edition items might not be available in your local stores. Research online shops, fan community websites, and collector forums to find the perfect gift.

Staying Updated on Upcoming Releases

Stay informed about upcoming game releases, new merchandise, and limited edition items by following Plants vs Zombies on social media and subscribing to newsletters. This will help you stay ahead of the game when the gift-giving season arrives.


As you can see, there's a whole world of Plants vs Zombies merchandise out there waiting to be discovered. From toys and clothing to home accessories and video game extras, there's something for every fan to enjoy. So dive in, explore, and happy collecting! 

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