Top 10 PC Zombie Games of All Time

Discover the top 10 best PC zombie games of all time, ranked by Zompedia's experts. Find your next favorite game and immerse yourself in the world of the undead.

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Top 10 PC Zombie Games of All Time

The zombie genre has grown immensely over the years, providing countless hours of entertainment and challenging gameplay. PC gamers have a vast selection of zombie games to choose from, each offering unique experiences and gameplay mechanics. Here's a list of the top 10 PC zombie games of all time that every fan of the undead should check out.

1. Left 4 Dead 2

Developed by Valve, Left 4 Dead 2 is an iconic first-person cooperative shooter that pits a team of four survivors against hordes of zombies. With its unique AI Director, the game adjusts the difficulty and pacing based on the players' performance, providing a dynamic experience each time. Featuring an array of weapons and a diverse cast of characters, Left 4 Dead 2 remains a classic in the world of PC zombie games.

2. Resident Evil 2 Remake

The Resident Evil series has been synonymous with the zombie genre since its inception. The Resident Evil 2 Remake brings the iconic survival horror game back to life with stunning graphics and modern gameplay mechanics. Players take control of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they navigate the zombie-infested Raccoon City. With its intense atmosphere and challenging gameplay, the Resident Evil 2 Remake is a must-play for any zombie game fan.

3. Dying Light

Dying Light, developed by Techland, combines parkour-style movement and brutal melee combat in a vast open-world environment. The game's day-night cycle adds an additional layer of strategy, as the undead become significantly more dangerous after sundown. Players can team up with friends in the co-op mode, facing off against hordes of zombies and completing missions together in the quarantine zone of Harran.

4. Dead Rising

Dead Rising, developed by Capcom, offers a unique take on the zombie genre, allowing players to use virtually anything as a weapon against the undead. Set in a massive shopping mall, players take control of photojournalist Frank West as he fights off hordes of zombies while uncovering the truth behind the outbreak. With its quirky humor and endless possibilities for zombie-slaying mayhem, Dead Rising is a classic PC zombie game that shouldn't be missed.

5. 7 Days to Die

For fans of sandbox survival games, 7 Days to Die is an excellent choice. Developed by The Fun Pimps, this game combines first-person shooting, survival, and tower defense elements in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. Players must scavenge for resources, build bases, and defend themselves against relentless waves of the undead. The game also features a robust crafting system and RPG-like character progression, making it a deep and immersive experience. Check out our list of best survival games for more titles to explore.

6. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is a compelling blend of zombie survival and base-building, where players must manage a community of survivors in a persistent open world. Developed by Undead Labs, the game features a variety of resources to collect, facilities to build, and characters to recruit, each with unique skills and traits. Players must work together to defend their community against hordes of zombies while making crucial decisions that affect the group's overall survival.

7. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a fast-paced, cooperative first-person shooter that focuses on intense, gory combat against waves of monstrous zombie-like creatures known as Zeds. Developed by Tripwire Interactive, players can choose from a variety of classes, each with unique abilities and weapons, and work together to survive the onslaught. The game's over-the-top action and tight gunplay make it a thrilling experience for fans of cooperative shooters.

8. They Are Billions

They Are Billions, developed by Numantian Games, is a unique blend of real-time strategy and tower defense set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world. Players must build and manage a colony while defending it against swarms of zombies that grow in number and ferocity over time. The game's challenging gameplay and unforgiving difficulty require careful planning and strategy, making it an addictive experience for fans of strategy games. Explore more indie zombie games for hidden gems and unique experiences.

9. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is an isometric, open-world survival game that emphasizes realistic mechanics and complex character management. Developed by The Indie Stone, the game features a detailed simulation of character needs, injuries, and illnesses, requiring players to carefully plan their actions to stay alive. With its in-depth crafting system and a wide variety of potential challenges to face, Project Zomboid offers an immersive experience for fans of hardcore survival games.

10. Call of Duty Zombies

Last but not least, Call of Duty Zombies is a beloved game mode that first appeared in Call of Duty: World at War and has since become a staple of the franchise. In this cooperative mode, players face off against waves of zombies, earning points to unlock new areas, purchase weapons, and upgrade their equipment. The addictive gameplay and challenging easter eggs have made Call of Duty Zombies a fan favorite. Explore more about the Call of Duty Zombies series on our dedicated page.

These top 10 PC zombie games offer a variety of experiences and gameplay mechanics that appeal to fans of the zombie genre. Whether you prefer cooperative shooters, survival games, or strategy titles, there's a game on this list for everyone. Don't forget to check out our other best zombie games recommendations for more undead action.

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