Top 5 Zombie Game Demos from Steam Next Fest You Need to Try

Discover the top 5 thrilling zombie game demos featured at Steam Next Fest, and find out why they are must-try for all zombie enthusiasts!

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Top 5 Zombie Game Demos from Steam Next Fest You Need to Try
Top 5 Zombie Game Demos from Steam Next Fest You Need to Try

    Steam Next Fest is an exciting event that showcases hundreds of game demos, allowing players to try out new and upcoming titles before deciding to purchase them. With a multitude of games from various genres, lovers of zombie and survival games are in for a treat. In this article, we'll be focusing on the top 5 zombie game demos from Steam Next Fest that you must try to get a taste of thrilling action and hone your survival skills.

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    1. The Callisto Protocol by Contagion Bundle
    2. Contagion by 10 Chambers Collective
    3. Daymare: 1998 by Invader Studios
    4. Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock Studios
    5. State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition by Undead Labs

    1. The Callisto Protocol by Contagion Bundle

    Genre: Survival, Horror
    Summary: A survival horror game where you must survive in a zombie-infested world. Build your shelter, scavenge for supplies, and fight for your life.

    The Callisto Protocol – Contagion Bundle - YouTube

    The Callisto Protocol is a narrative-driven single-player zombie survival horror game that takes place in the year 2320 on Jupiter's moon, Callisto. Where players must find a way to survive in a claustrophobic environment teeming with terrifying creatures.

    Some of the unique features of The Callisto Protocol include:

    • Immersive storytelling: The game offers a compelling and detailed narrative that keeps the players engaged and adds depth to the gameplay.
    • Atmospheric environment: The eerie setting of the game is intensified by the chilling sound effects and graphics, making it an unforgettable experience.
    • Tense horror gameplay: Players will face a variety of challenging scenarios and creature encounters, with an emphasis on strategic thinking and resource management.

    Trying the demo of The Callisto Protocol allows you to experience an engaging and chilling horror adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

    2. Contagion by 10 Chambers Collective

    Genre: Multiplayer, Horror
    Summary: A multiplayer zombie survival game where you must work together to survive. Build defenses, scavenge for supplies, and fight off the zombies.

    Contagion on Steam

    Contagion is a cooperative first-person shooter survival game that combines elements of horror, action, and strategy. Players team up with friends or other online players to battle against a horde of zombies and use their wits to maneuver through the procedurally generated levels.

    Some of the unique features of Contagion include:

    • Cooperative gameplay: Team up with up to 4 players to take on the zombie outbreak together, making for a thrilling and collaborative experience.
    • Dynamic levels: The procedurally generated levels ensure that no two playthroughs are the same, providing a fresh experience each time you play.
    • Tactical combat: Players must plan their actions carefully to stay ahead of the zombie hordes and manage limited resources effectively.

    Trying the demo of Contagion gives you a taste of adrenaline-pumping cooperation and strategic gameplay as you and your friends take on the endless sea of undead.

    3. Daymare: 1998 by Invader Studios

    Genre: Survival horror, Action
    Summary: A survival horror game inspired by classic Resident Evil games. Explore a dark and dangerous world, solve puzzles, and fight off zombies.

    Daymare: 1998 on Steam

    Daymare: 1998 is a third-person survival horror game that takes inspiration from classic '90s horror titles. The game follows a trio of characters who, through their respective stories, unravel the mysteries behind a terrifying zombie outbreak in the fictional town of Keen Sight.

    Some of the unique features of Daymare: 1998 include:

    • Multiple perspectives: The game features three main characters, each with their storylines, gameplay mechanics, and unique skills. This adds variety and replay value to the game.
    • Nostalgic horror feeling: The game encapsulates the atmosphere of '90s classics, making it an excellent choice for fans of vintage survival horror experiences.
    • Challenging gameplay: Daymare: 1998 offers a mix of puzzle-solving, resource management, and combat that will keep players on their toes throughout.

    Trying the demo of Daymare: 1998 not only takes you back to the classic horror games of the '90s but also provides fresh challenges with its engaging survival horror gameplay.

    4. Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock Studios

    Genre: Co-op, Shooter
    Summary: A co-op shooter where you must work together to survive against a horde of zombies. Blast your way through levels, scavenge for supplies, and rescue survivors.

    Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood Art Blast - ArtStation Magazine

    Back 4 Blood is a highly anticipated cooperative first-person zombie shooter game, which is a spiritual successor to the popular Left 4 Dead series. Developed by the same team who created the original Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood brings engaged cooperation, brutal gameplay, and intense action to a new level.

    Some of the unique features of Back 4 Blood include:

    • Team-based gameplay: Play with up to 3 friends, or solo with AI teammates, to take on the relentless Ridden (zombie-like creatures) horde and try to survive as a team.
    • Competitive multiplayer: Experience intense action in PvP mode, where players can take control of the Ridden to challenge human players, making for an exciting and varied experience.
    • Card system: Customize your gameplay with a new card system, allowing players to adapt their characters and strategies for each playthrough.

    Trying the demo of Back 4 Blood gives you a chance to experience heart-pounding cooperative play that will keep you and your friends on the edge as you face the unrelenting Ridden hordes.

    5. State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition by Undead Labs

    Genre: Survival, Open world
    Summary: A survival game where you must build a community and survive in a zombie-infested world. Explore the open world, scavenge for supplies, and fight off zombies.

    Undead Labs announces State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition -

    State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is an enhanced version of State of Decay 2, featuring improved graphics, new content, and all previously released DLCs. This open-world, zombie survival game puts you in control of a group of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Your goal is to build a sustainable community, manage resources, and defend against the undead.

    Some of the unique features of State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition include:

    • Open-world freedom: Explore a vast and diverse landscape filled with hidden treasures, unique survivor settlements, and deadly zombies. The choices made in-game can impact the development of your community, adding depth and consequence.
    • Base building and resource management: Strategically build and fortify your base, gather resources, and grow your community to ensure survival and success.
    • Character depth: Each character in your community has their own unique traits, making them invaluable or a burden depending on their abilities and weaknesses. Manage relationships to maintain group morale and increase your chances of survival.

    Trying the demo of State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition immerses you into the challenging world of surviving a zombie apocalypse and managing a thriving community in a deadly environment.


    There you have it, the top 5 zombie game demos to try during Steam Next Fest. Each of these games showcases unique gameplay and captivating storylines that cater to a variety of playstyles. Whether you're taking on the atmospheric horror of The Callisto Protocol, the cooperative adrenaline rush of Contagion and Back 4 Blood, the classic survival horror experience in Daymare: 1998, or the open-world, resource management challenges of State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, players are sure to find plenty of excitement and intense gameplay in these demos.

    We encourage you to take advantage of the Steam Next Fest and explore these zombie game demos. Be sure to share your opinions on these demos and connect with other players in the Zompedia community to exchange tips, strategies, and game reviews.

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