Top 20 Zombie Demos on Steam Next Fest 2023 You Must Try

Dive into the thrilling world of zombie and survival games with our curated list of 20 must-try demos at Steam Next Fest 2023. Discover your next favorite today!

Jun 20, 2023 - 23:13
Jun 21, 2023 - 06:18
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Top 20 Zombie Demos on Steam Next Fest 2023 You Must Try
Top 20 Zombie Demos on Steam Next Fest 2023 You Must Try

Steam Next Fest is just around the corner, running from June 13-20, 2023. This week-long event is the perfect opportunity for game enthusiasts to discover and try free playable demos of upcoming games before they launch. This year, zombie and survival game fans are in for a treat with a plethora of thrilling demos to get their hands on. In this article, we'll introduce you to the top 20 zombie game demos that you must try at Steam Next Fest 2023.

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1. Afterimage by Modus Games

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Summary: A visually stunning adventure game about a woman who must use her memories to solve puzzles and escape a strange and ever-changing world.

Afterimage review |

Afterimage is an action-adventure game with a stunning visual style and innovative mechanics. Players take on the role of a mysterious protagonist with the power of photokinesis. By manipulating their environment through light and shadows, players must navigate through intricate levels and solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind their past and the world around them.

2. Stray by BlueTwelve Studio

Genre: Adventure, Platformer
Summary: Play as a cat lost in a strange city inhabited by robots. Explore the environment, solve puzzles, and make friends along the way.

Stray Download for PC: Minimum System Requirements, Download Size, Game  Play, and More - MySmartPrice

In Stray, players assume the role of a lost cat exploring a decaying urban landscape full of mysterious creatures and dangerous obstacles. This adventure game features an open-world environment, allowing players to explore every nook and cranny for clues, hidden paths, and items to help them on their journey.

3. Cult of the Lamb by Massive Monster

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Summary: Build your own cult and lead your followers to greatness. Explore the wilderness, perform rituals, and sacrifice your enemies.

Quick Look: Cult of the Lamb - Giant Bomb

From the creators of Adventure Pals and Never Give Up, Cult of the Lamb is a darkly humorous action RPG where players must build and lead their very own cult of cute, but evil creatures. Offering dungeon crawling and base-building mechanics, this game is perfect for players looking for something a little different this year.

4. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course by Studio MDHR

Genre: Run and gun, Platformer
Summary: The long-awaited DLC for Cuphead is finally here! Take on new challenges, explore new levels, and battle new bosses.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Release Date, Game Play, Bosses all you  need to know

Studio MDHR brings fans the highly anticipated expansion to their hit game Cuphead. The Delicious Last Course adds new levels, bosses, characters, weapons, and more to the already beloved hand-drawn world of Cuphead. This action-packed DLC aims to expand and enhance the experience that players fell in love with four years ago.

5. Neon White by Ben Esposito

Genre: Action, Card battler
Summary: A fast-paced action game where you play as a demon assassin who must race through levels, kill enemies, and collect cards.

neon-white-artwork - WayTooManyGames

Neon White is a first-person action game that combines elements of fast-paced shooters and parkour-heavy platforming. Players take on the role of a demon-slaying assassin tasked with eliminating otherworldly threats. With a unique card-based weapons system and numerous abilities, Neon White encourages players to string together combos and unleash devastating attacks.

6. Vampire Survivors by poncle

Genre: Roguelite, Survival
Summary: A simple yet addictive game where you must survive for as long as possible by killing endless waves of enemies.

Vampire Survivors 2 : le développeur parle de la suite -

This rogue-like action game boasts a retro-style and easy-to-learn one-button gameplay, making it accessible for players of all skill levels. Vampire Survivors pits players against hordes of relentless undead and monstrous boss enemies. With each run, players can unlock new characters, weapons, and abilities to help them survive the violent onslaught.

7. Prodeus by 3D Realms

Genre: FPS, Retro
Summary: A retro-inspired FPS that takes inspiration from classic games like Doom and Quake.

Prodeus on Steam

Fans of classic first-person shooters like Doom and Quake will find a lot to love in Prodeus, a modern take on the fast-paced, gory, and intense gameplay from the '90s. Developed by veterans of the genre, Prodeus features hand-crafted levels, satisfying gunplay, and a powerful level editor to allow players to create their own brutal arenas.

8. Citizen Sleeper by Jumpship

Genre: Adventure, RPG
Summary: A sci-fi RPG where you play as a sleeper, a downloaded consciousness living in a bio-mechanical body. Explore a space station, make friends, and uncover a dark conspiracy.

Citizen Sleeper Review - A Sleeper Hit - Game Informer

Citizen Sleeper is a narrative-driven sci-fi RPG that casts players as a Sleeper, an indentured servant with no memories of their past. Players must navigate a hostile solar system, make allies and enemies, and decide the fate of the galaxy in this gripping, choice-driven adventure.

9. Norco by Geography of Robots

Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click
Summary: A southern gothic adventure game set in a flooded Louisiana. Explore the town of Norco, solve puzzles, and uncover the mystery of your missing sister.

NORCO on Steam

Described as a "southern-gothic point-and-click adventure", Norco tells the story of a young woman returning to her childhood home in rural Louisiana to discover a town in decline and secrets that threaten to tear her world apart. With a haunting original soundtrack and evocative pixel-art visuals, Norco promises an atmospheric and memorable experience.

10. Oxenfree II: Lost Signal by Night School Studio

Genre: Adventure, Narrative
Summary: The sequel to the critically-acclaimed Oxenfree. Play as Riley as she returns to Edwards Island to investigate a mysterious radio signal.

Night School Studio Tunda Release Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Until Next Year

This sequel to the much-loved supernatural thriller Oxenfree is set five years after the events of the original game. Lost Signal follows the story of Riley, a young woman who returns to her hometown and stumbles upon a terrifying mystery. With the same award-winning storytelling, dialogue system, and atmosphere of the first game, fans are eager to dive back into the world of Oxenfree II.

11. Airborne Kingdom by indienova

Genre: Strategy, City-building
Summary: Build a floating city in the clouds and guide your people to prosperity. Explore the world, trade resources, and battle enemies.

空中王国- Airborne Kingdom | indienova GameDB 游戏库

Airborne Kingdom is a stunning city-building and exploration game set in a beautiful and unique sky world. Players must build, expand, and manage their flying kingdom while exploring floating islands, discovering hidden artifacts, and navigating through environmental challenges. The game combines resource management, exploration, and a captivating art style to create an immersive gaming experience.

12. The Cub by Demagog Studio

Genre: Adventure, Platformer
Summary: A 3D platformer where you play as a young cub who must escape a hostile island. Explore the environment, solve puzzles, and avoid enemies.

THE CUB - Untold Tales Games

In The Cub, players assume the role of a young cub in a world inspired by Slavic mythology. This dark and enchanting 2D platformer offers intense action sequences, engaging puzzles, and a gripping narrative as the cub embarks on a dangerous journey to save its family. The Cub is a visually striking and atmospheric adventure that fansof indie games won't want to miss.

13. Ostranauts by Faultbreak Games

Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Summary: Manage a spaceship and crew as you explore the galaxy. Trade goods, build relationships, and battle pirates.

Ostranauts on Steam

Ostranauts is a detailed spaceship simulation and survival RPG set in a dystopian solar system. Players take on the role of a ship captain, managing every aspect of their vessel, from building and repairing systems to maintaining crew morale. With an intricate physics system and a complex social simulation engine, Ostranauts provides an immersive and challenging experience for fans of simulation games.

14. Thirsty Suitors by DrinkBox Studios

Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Summary: A dating sim where you play as a young woman who must win back her ex-boyfriend. Explore the city, meet new people, and make choices that will affect the outcome of the story.

Thirsty Suitors on Steam

From the creators of Guacamelee! and Severed, Thirsty Suitors is a vibrant and outrageous brawler packed with action, laughs, and romance. As you fight off endless hordes of suitors vying to steal your heart, players can explore an energetic world inspired by Indian culture and mythology. With its over-the-top action and colorful art style, Thirsty Suitors promises to be a fun and eccentric gaming experience.

15. Teardown by Tuxedo Labs

Genre: Action, Puzzle
Summary: A physics-based demolition game where you can destroy anything in the environment. Use your creativity to solve puzzles and complete objectives.

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Teardown is a unique and innovative voxel-based heist game with fully destructible environments. Players must use a variety of tools to demolish structures, create paths, and complete heists in imaginative ways. With its open-ended level design and spontaneous gameplay, Teardown offers a truly sandbox experience for players who love to experiment and think outside the box.

16. Pupperazzi by Kitfox Games

Genre: Adventure, Photography
Summary: Take pictures of dogs in the wild and create a photo album of your adventures. Use different camera filters and lenses to capture the perfect shot.

Pupperazzi | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo

Pupperazzi is a lighthearted photography game where players take on the role of a canine paparazzo, snapping photos of adorable dogs in various environments. With its charming visuals and simple but addictive gameplay, Pupperazzi is a delightful take on the photography game genre that players of all ages can enjoy.

17. Griftlands by Klei Entertainment

Genre: Adventure, Card battler
Summary: A deck-building game where you play as a grifter who must con your way through the criminal underworld. Build your deck, choose your allies, and outwit your opponents.

Save 45% on Griftlands on Steam

Griftlands is a richly detailed, deck-building roguelike set in a vibrant, hand-drawn world. Players must choose a character, build alliances, and navigate a branching narrative as they attempt to survive the dangerous world of Griftlands. Featuring deep mechanics, strategic card play, and a wealth of unique cards and strategies, Griftlands promises endless replayability and challenge.

18. Midnight Fight Express by Jacob Dzwinel

Genre: Action, Beat 'em up
Summary: A fast-paced beat 'em up where you must fight your way through waves of enemies. Use combos, special moves, and environmental objects to take down your foes.

Jacob Dzwinel (@jacobdzwinel) / Twitter

Midnight Fight Express is an intense, fast-paced brawler set on the streets of a neon-tinged city. The game boasts a unique physics-based combat system, allowing for stylish and brutal action as players take on mobs of vicious enemies. Offering an array of dangerous weapons and deadly combat moves, Midnight Fight Express aims to satisfy fans of classic beat 'em up games.

19. Slipstream by 34BigThings

Genre: Racing, Arcade
Summary: A retro-inspired racing game where you can race against friends online. Choose from a variety of cars and tracks and see who can cross the finish line first.

Slipstream on Steam

Slipstream is an arcade racer with a sleek, retro aesthetic reminiscent of '80s classics. Featuring a dynamic, physics-based driving model and procedurally generated racetracks, Slipstream aims to provide a thrilling and replayable racing experience. With a variety of modes and customization options, the game offers plenty of content for players looking for a dose of high-speed nostalgia.

20. Slime Rancher 2 by Monomi Park

Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Summary: The sequel to the popular Slime Rancher game. Explore a new planet, ranch new slimes, and build your dream ranch.

Slime Rancher 2 | Xbox

The long-awaited sequel to the beloved farming and exploration game, Slime Rancher 2 offers more of the lovable, gooey creatures and relaxing gameplay fans have been craving. Set in a new and expansive world filled with secrets and mysteries to uncover, this sequel features all-new slime species, upgrades, and challenges for players to enjoy.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the 20 demos listed above offer a wide range of gameplay experiences for zombie and survival game enthusiasts. Steam Next Fest 2023 is the perfect opportunity for gamers to get a taste of what's to come and find their next favorite game. So, clear your schedule, brace yourself, and dive into these thrilling demos between June 13-20, 2023.

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