Top 10 Base Building Survival Games to Play

Dive into the best base building survival games where strategy meets survival. Discover your next gaming adventure!

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Top 10 Base Building Survival Games to Play
Top 10 Base Building Survival Games to Play

Base building survival games blend strategy, creativity, and the relentless pressure of survival into a uniquely engaging experience. In these games, players are not only fighting against the environment or hostile entities but also tasked with constructing a base that can ensure their survival. From the loneliness of alien oceans to the harsh, unpredictable wilderness of post-apocalyptic worlds, the challenge lies in using resources wisely, planning your base, and preparing for anything the game throws at you. Discover your next gaming adventure with our top picks in this genre.

Explore the Best Base Building Survival Games

The allure of base building survival games lies in their ability to immerse players in a world where every decision could mean the difference between thriving and merely surviving. Whether it's the cold, mythical landscapes of Viking lore or the desolation of a world overrun by dinosaurs, these games push your strategic thinking to its limits. Prepare to embark on a journey through hostile environments, mystical worlds, and untamed wilderness as we unveil the top base building survival games that will capture your imagination and test your survival instincts.

List of Top Choices


  • Procedurally generated world
  • Epic Viking longhouses building
  • Mythical creatures and boss battles

Valheim stands out in the world of base building survival games for its unique Viking-inspired theme and procedurally generated realms. Players find themselves in the afterlife of Viking warriors, tasked with proving their worth to enter Valhalla. The game offers an expansive world filled with mythical creatures, challenging bosses, and vast landscapes waiting to be conquered and built upon. Building epic Viking longhouses not only serves as a refuge from the mystical dangers lurking around but also brings a sense of accomplishment and pride. Every victory feels earned, and every structure reflects your journey. Valheim’s blend of exploration, construction, and combat provides a deeply satisfying and immersive experience.


  • Resource gathering and shelter building
  • Player versus player (PvP) combat
  • Raiding and forming alliances

Rust throws players into a ruthless multiplayer world where survival depends on your ability to gather resources, build shelters, and forge alliances—or become an adept raider. This game is unforgiving; trust is a scarce commodity as players navigate the delicate balance between cooperation and conflict. The constant threat from other players adds an intense level of tension and unpredictability to the base building experience. Your base is not just a shelter but a fortress that must be strategically designed to withstand raids and protect your resources. Rust challenges players to think like survivors, where every decision could lead to thriving success or brutal failure.

Ark: Survival Evolved

  • Dinosaur taming and breeding
  • Secure base construction
  • Prehistoric creature combat

Ark: Survival Evolved offers an unparalleled adventure where players wake up on a mysterious island filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The thrill of taming a wild dinosaur and then riding it into battle cannot be overstated. Players must build secure bases to protect themselves from hostile dinosaurs and other players, adding a strategic layer to the survival experience. Breeding dinosaurs to create powerful offspring and crafting gear to survive this wild world are key elements of the game. Ark’s vast, dynamic environments and the sheer diversity of its creatures make every playthrough a unique and exciting challenge.

7 Days to Die

  • Unique random world generation
  • Focus on horde nights defense
  • Zombie apocalypse setting

7 Days to Die offers a fresh twist on the base building survival genre with its unique mix of first-person shooter, tower defense, and role-playing set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic zombie world. Its world generation system promises a new experience with every game, where players must scavenge, craft, and build their way to survival. The game is renowned for its horde nights, where bases are put to the ultimate test against waves of zombies. Building and reinforcing your base become a race against time and an exercise in strategic planning and execution. 7 Days to Die successfully blends survival horror with base building, creating a tense and immersive experience.

Conan Exiles

  • Exploration of a vast open world
  • Building impressive structures
  • Conquering enemies and enslaving them

Set in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles immerses players in a savage survival experience. Here, players are not only tasked with surviving the harsh environments but are also given the power to enslave defeated enemies and utilize them for the betterment of their colony. The freedom to explore a vast open world filled with danger, secrets, and resources allows for unparalleled creativity in base building. Players can construct imposing fortresses or sprawling settlements, and the game’s building system encourages architectural ingenuity. Conan Exiles vividly brings to life the fierce, unforgiving world of Conan, challenging players to dominate their enemies and thrive against all odds.


  • Survival on a vast ocean
  • Raft expansion into a seafaring fortress
  • Resource gathering from shipwrecks

Raft offers a unique survival experience on the open sea. Starting on a tiny raft with nothing but a plastic hook, players navigate the treacherous waters, expanding their raft into a formidable seafaring fortress. The constant threat of shark attacks adds a layer of tension as you gather resources from passing debris and shipwrecks. Managing hunger, thirst, and health is as crucial as keeping your raft afloat. Exploring islands and diving for underwater resources provide a nice change of pace from the endless blue. Raft stands out for its innovative take on survival and base building, offering players both tranquility and thrill on the high seas.


  • Underwater exploration and adventure
  • Building underwater bases and vehicles
  • Alien sea life and ecosystems

Subnautica dives deep into the uncharted territories of an alien ocean planet. This game combines exploration, survival, and base building in an underwater setting like no other. Players are challenged to manage their oxygen supply as they explore caverns, reefs, and underwater caves teeming with alien life forms. Building bases in this breathtaking underwater world is both a necessity for survival and a platform for creativity. Subnautica’s rich storyline, environmental storytelling, and stunning visuals make it an unforgettable addition to the base building survival genre. The game beautifully balances the wonder of exploration with the tension of survival beneath the waves.

The Forest

  • Survival horror in a forested peninsula
  • Base building against cannibalistic tribes
  • Resource gathering and crafting for survival

The Forest drops players into a nightmare scenario on a remote forested peninsula. What starts as a fight for survival against the elements soon turns into a terrifying struggle against a society of cannibalistic creatures. In this game, building a sturdy base is not just recommended; it's essential for survival. Players must balance the need to explore and gather resources with the constant threat of being watched and attacked. The Forest successfully merges survival horror with base building, offering a chilling, narrative-driven experience. It’s a test of strategy, courage, and the will to survive against the darkest elements of human (and inhuman) nature.


  • Session-based survival challenges
  • Harsh alien environment survival
  • Resource gathering and base building for mission completion

Icarus introduces a session-based approach to the survival genre, where players embark on timed missions to a hostile alien world. The planet Icarus, once poised for terraforming, now stands as a testament to human ambition gone awry. In each session or 'drop', players must use their time wisely to gather resources, craft tools, and build a shelter to survive the planet’s unforgiving conditions. The need to balance survival with mission objectives creates a unique tension. The game's dynamic weather system and diverse biomes add layers of complexity to base building and survival strategy. Icarus challenges players to adapt, plan, and execute their survival strategy under time constraints, making each successful mission feel like a triumph.

Fallout 76

  • Exploration of a vast post-apocalyptic wasteland
  • Building settlements and launching nukes
  • Encounters with mutated creatures and other players

Fallout 76 invites players into the vast, open world of Appalachia in the aftermath of nuclear disaster. As part of the first wave of survivors to emerge into this post-apocalyptic wasteland, players must navigate the various threats from mutated creatures to other players. Base building in Fallout 76, through the C.A.M.P. system, allows players to construct and manage their own settlements, adding a layer of customization and personal attachment to the world. The ability to launch nukes as part of endgame content adds a dynamic player-driven element to the world’s geopolitical landscape. With its expansive world, rich lore, and community-driven events, Fallout 76 offers a unique blend of survival, exploration, and base building set against the backdrop of a nuclear wasteland.

In conclusion, the base building survival game genre offers a diverse range of worlds to explore, each with its unique challenges and gameplay mechanics. From the high seas of Raft to the alien depths of Subnautica, and the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Fallout 76, players have ample opportunity to test their survival skills, strategy, and creativity. These games not only promise hours of engaging gameplay but also a chance to leave your mark on the worlds you inhabit, whether by constructing epic bases, taming the wild, or surviving against all odds. Each game on this list stands out for its ability to immerse and challenge players in its distinctive world, making them worthy of your gaming time.

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