Top 10 Base Building Games on PS4

Discover the best PS4 base building games to unleash your creativity and strategic skills. Perfect picks for architects and commanders alike!

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Top 10 Base Building Games on PS4
Top 10 Base Building Games on PS4

Base building games on PS4 have captivated gamers with their unique blend of creativity and strategy. If you're passionate about constructing and commanding, you're in the right place. From sprawling cities to fortified shelters, these games provide endless entertainment and challenge. Perfect for both architects and strategists, here's a look at the top PS4 titles that will let you unleash your potential.

Discover the Top Base Building Games on PS4

If you're hunting for base building games on PS4 that offer an exceptional combination of creativity, strategy, and sheer fun, you'll be excited by our curated list. Whether you prefer surviving in hostile environments, exploring vast worlds, or creating intricate structures, these games promise to deliver engaging experiences. Let’s dive into the world of base building on PS4, where every game is a new adventure.

List of Top Choices

Fallout 4

  • Complex settlement system allowing for detailed personalization
  • Recruit settlers and assign them to various tasks
  • Defend your settlements from raiders and mutants

Heading the list of best base building survival games PS4 has to offer, Fallout 4 thrusts players into a post-apocalyptic world where every decision impacts survival. The game's complex settlement system not only encourages creativity in constructing bases but also in managing resources and residents. Defending these settlements from external threats adds a layer of excitement and strategy, making it an engaging experience for gamers who love a challenge.

Ark: Survival Evolved

  • Tame and ride dinosaurs for exploration and defense
  • Online multiplayer mode to collaborate or compete with others
  • Elaborate base construction, including treehouse designs

Ark: Survival Evolved takes base building survival games PS4 to another level by combining it with dinosaurs. Players can tame these prehistoric creatures, using them for both transportation and protection. The game’s intricate base-building allows for the construction of massive, elaborate designs, including unique treehouses. With its multiplayer mode, Ark extends an invitation to either join forces with friends or challenge other survivors, marking it a versatile and immersive experience.

Conan Exiles

  • Build and manage your own kingdom in a brutal open-world environment
  • Engage in dynamic weather and defend against invasions
  • Deep crafting system for weapons, tools, and buildings

In the realm of open world base building games PS4, Conan Exiles stands out with its harsh desert landscapes and brutal survival mechanics. Players claim land, construct a base, and then expand into a kingdom. Beyond just building, they must navigate the game’s dynamic weather system and defend their domain against enemy invasions. This game truly tests the player's ability to survive, manage, and conquer in a relentless world.

7 Days to Die

  • Horde-based combat system that increases in intensity
  • A vast world with a powerful crafting system
  • Multiplayer feature to survive with friends

When it comes to co-op base building games PS4, 7 Days to Die provides a thrilling survival horror adventure you can share with friends. It blends crafting, looting, and base-building with the terror of defending against an undying horde that grows more formidable by the night. The game's multiplayer aspect emphasizes teamwork and strategy, making it an ideal pick for players looking to combine base building with intense action and cooperation.


  • Unlimited creative potential with block-based construction
  • A vast, procedurally generated world to explore
  • Multiplayer servers to collaborate on massive projects

Minecraft, the crown jewel of best base building PS4 games, has captured the imagination of players worldwide with its simple yet profound gameplay. It offers boundless creative potential in both survival and creative modes. The game splendidly caters to solo and multiplayer experiences, allowing players to construct anything from quaint cottages to sprawling fortresses. Minecraft encourages creativity, exploration, and innovation, making it a timeless classic in the base building genre.

The Forest

  • Survive in a mysterious forest filled with danger
  • Build and fortify shelters to protect against hostile inhabitants
  • Immersive open-world experience with a focus on realism

Among best survival base building games PS4 offers, The Forest sets itself apart with an eerie, immersive experience. Players find themselves in a mysterious forest, striving to survive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. Building a secure shelter is crucial, as the game emphasizes realism and offers an open-world experience that challenges survival skills. The Forest engages players with its thrilling narrative, testing their ability to adapt, strategize, and overcome the unknown.

Don't Starve Together

  • Co-op gameplay that fosters collaboration and strategy
  • Unique art style and challenging survival mechanics
  • Extensive crafting and base building ps4 games system

Don't Starve Together redefines the co-op base building games PS4 landscape with its unique combination of artistic charm and challenging survival mechanics. This game forces players into a strange, untamed world where teamwork isn't just encouraged—it's necessary. Crafting and base-building are critical to surviving the harshest of elements and the bizarre creatures that roam the land. It's a game that tests your resilience, strategic planningsuch as choosing the perfect spot for your base and managing resources wisely.

No Man's Sky

  • Explore an infinite universe with procedurally generated planets
  • Extensive base building survival games PS4 features with customizable outposts
  • Multiplayer exploration for shared adventures

No Man's Sky is an epic journey through space, offering a vast universe with procedural planets to explore. The game evolved substantially since its launch, now including complex base building PS4 mechanics, allowing players to create and customize outposts on unfamiliar planets. Offering both solo and multiplayer modes, it invites adventurers to share their spacefaring tales, making it one of the most expansive base building games on the platform.


  • Colorful and whimsical game world with vast landscapes
  • Explore, terraform, and build on multiple planets
  • Multiplayer support for collaborative space adventures

As a shining example of open-world base building games PS4, Astroneer draws players into its colorful and whimsical worlds. This space exploration game is not only about survival but about transforming the very planets you explore. With terraforming capabilities, players have the freedom to craft their world and construct bases, all while uncovering the mysteries of the universe. The multiplayer option adds another layer, making it a truly engaging experience as you collaborate or compete with others on your galactic journey.

The Sims 4

  • Detailed ps4 settlement building games and life simulation
  • Extensive customization for homes and Sims
  • Living neighborhoods with vibrant communities

While not a traditional survival game, The Sims 4 earns its spot among the ps4 games where you can build a base by letting players unleash their architectural creativity without bounds. This life simulation offers intricate control over building and customizing homes, making it an urban planner's dream. The dynamic neighborhoods and endless customizability provide a refreshing pace from survival-focused titles, appealing to those who seek to create and manage without the threat of looming danger.

Expanding Horizons with PS4 Base Building Games

The appeal of PS4 base building games lies in their diverse offerings, from surviving in uncharted worlds to creating elaborate settlements in fantasy realms. They challenge players to think strategically, plan ahead, and unleash their creative potential.

Among PS4 games with base building, every title presents a unique challenge and adventure. From the harsh survival elements in games like "7 Days to Die" and "Don't Starve Together," to the more laid-back and creative endeavors found in "Minecraft" and "The Sims 4," there's a world waiting to be built and shaped according to your vision.

For those seeking companionship in their building endeavors, multiplayer base building games PS4 offers a way to share the joy and challenge with friends. Whether you're defending against zombie hordes or exploring distant planets, the camaraderie found in shared survival and creation adds depth to the experience.

So whether you crave the thrill of surviving against all odds, the joy of creating complex structures, or simply the pleasure of managing a bustling community, the roster of PS4 survival base building games promises something for every type of architect and strategist. Dive into these worlds, build your legacy, and craft your adventure one block, one building, one world at a time.

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