Fan Discussions: Exploring Memes & Theories in Plants vs Zombies Community

Delve deep into the world of Plants vs Zombies as we explore intriguing memes and theories discussed by fans within the thriving community.

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Fan Discussions: Exploring Memes & Theories in Plants vs Zombies Community
Fan Discussions: Exploring Memes & Theories in Plants vs Zombies Community

Welcome to the exciting world of Plants vs Zombies, a game that has sparked numerous discussions, memes, and theories within its vast and passionate community since its release in 2009. Through fan-made content and ideas, the community continues to expand the Plants vs Zombies Universe, exploring everything from popular memes to deep-dive theories. In this article, we go beyond the garden to explore these intriguing discussions in the Plants vs Zombies community.

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Sharing memes has become an integral part of the online community experience, and the Plants vs Zombies fan base is no exception. Memes shared by fans revolve around various aspects of the game, from memorable characters to unique gameplay moments and situations.

Here are some popular categories of memes within the Plants vs Zombies community:

Character Memes

  • Peashooter's Shoot vs Gargantuar's Throw: This meme highlights the unequal battle between the game's most humble plant, the Peashooter, and the huge zombie Gargantuar, who can launch an Imp zombie.
  • Sunflower's smile: A fan favorite, the beaming Sunflower has become iconic within the community, resulting in a wide range of spinoff memes and fan art.

Gameplay Memes

  • Failed lawnmower defense: Memes featuring a horde of zombies successfully bypassing the player's defenses and triggering a lawnmower often evoke humor and, sometimes, frustration among fans.
  • The Cherry Bomb one-time use: The Cherry Bomb is known for its explosive damage, but also for its high cost and single-use nature. Fans often debate the usefulness of the plant, leading to memes illustrating both sides of the argument.

Cultural References

  • Zombie Michael Jackson: In the original game, the Dancing Zombie resembled Michael Jackson. Though the character was eventually redesigned, older fans continue to share memes referencing the iconic King of Pop.

Intriguing Fan Theories and Speculations

Cómo un juego de Plants vs. Zombies murió para que un juego de Star Wars  pudiera vivir (y luego también morir)

Plants vs Zombies may be a simple, tower defense-like game at its core, but its community often engages in deeper discussions and theories about the game's storyline, universe, and characters. These discussions demonstrate the creative and analytical minds in the community, eager to explore the game world beyond its official confines.

Here are some captivating theories the community has come up with:

Alternative Storylines

  • The plants' perspective: As most of the game is seen from a human perspective, fans have speculated about the plants' view of the ongoing zombie apocalypse. Are the plants sentient and fighting for their survival, or are they tools created by humans?
  • Endless Zombie Waves: Some fans theorize that the seemingly endless waves of zombies might be intentional, designed to challenge the player's strategic prowess and resource management skills, and the ultimate goal of the zombies may be something entirely different.

Character Relationships and Motivations

  • Dr. Zomboss and Crazy Dave: What if Dr. Zomboss, the brilliant zombie inventor and mastermind, was once friends or even partners with Crazy Dave? Fans debate the possibility that these two characters were connected before the zombie outbreak, with Dr. Zomboss ultimately wanting revenge.
  • Survivor origins: The Plants vs Zombies Universe is riddled with stories of survival, so fans have developed theories surrounding each character. Are they remnants of a once-thriving civilization, or did they find themselves thrust together by circumstance?

The Plants vs Zombies Universe

Fans have fleshed out the game's universe, speculating about its alternate histories, geography, and multidimensional aspects. Some fans believe that the game's events occur in different dimensions, while others ponder on uncharted territories and locations.

To further explore fan content and mods, visit Zompedia's dedicated page here.

Debates Surrounding Game Mechanics

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Free Mobile Game - EA Official Site

The Plants vs Zombies community often engages in discussions and debates concerning the game's mechanics. As the games have progressed, with sequels and spin-offs, these heated debates have focused on a variety of topics ranging from microtransactions to gameplay styles.

Here's an overview of some prevalent debates in the community:

The Controversy Over Microtransactions

  • Many fans argue that microtransactions can ruin the gaming experience, discouraging skill development and creating an unfair advantage for those who can afford the extra in-game purchases.
  • Others suggest that microtransactions provide a convenient way to unlock features or advance in the game, especially for those with limited playtime.

Guided vs Open-World Gameplay

  • Some fans prefer a linear, guided experience that stays true to the original Plants vs Zombies gameplay style, focusing on tower defense strategies and level progression.
  • Alternatively, others advocate for a more open-world approach, allowing players to explore the game's universe freely, tackle side missions, and discover hidden secrets.

The Balancing of Characters and Abilities

  • A frequent topic of debate within the community is the balance between plant and zombie characters, ensuring that both sides have a fair chance at victory.
  • As new plants and zombies are introduced, fans discuss whether certain characters or abilities are overpowered, underpowered, or require adjustments for a truly balanced gameplay experience.

Zombie Lore and Backstories

In addition to talking about game mechanics, fans within the Plants vs Zombies community have developed detailed backstories and lore for their favorite zombie characters. By digging deeper into their origins, characteristics, and abilities, fans can better appreciate and understand the various zombies in the game.

Let's delve into some prominent aspects of zombie lore:

Origins of the Zombies

  • The game's main antagonist, Dr. Edgar George Zomboss, created the zombies. However, fans speculate about the method or technology behind their creation and whether it was a plan gone wrong or a deliberate act of evil.
  • Some fans theorize that the different types of zombies are the result of various experiments conducted by Dr. Zomboss, each designed for a specific purpose within his zombie army.

Zombie Variants and Abilities

  • Each zombie in the Plants vs Zombies Universe has unique abilities that cater to specific strategic roles. They range from the standard Zombie walker to special variants like the Football Zombie, the Imp, or the Gargantuar.
  • Fans have developed backstories and explanations for how these zombies acquired their abilities, often tying their characteristics to pre-outbreak occupations or incidents.

The Development of the Zombies Throughout the Franchise

As new games in the series have been released, fans have observed a gradual evolution of the zombies. This includes the introduction of new types, improved abilities, and alterations in their behavior. The community thrives on analyzing these changes and speculating about potential future developments.

Crossover Theories with Other Games

Plants vs Zombies 99 Gatling Pea vs Dr. Zomboss Fight - YouTube

One of the most fascinating topics explored within the Plants vs Zombies community is the potential for crossover events or interactions with other gaming franchises. These theories often stem from similarities in in-game mechanics, shared publisher connections, or collaborations between developers.

Let's take a look at some notable crossover theories:

Links Between Plants vs Zombies and Other EA Games

  • As both are published by Electronic Arts, Plants vs Zombies has been compared to the popular simulation game, The Sims. Fans have pondered a crossover that would allow players to experience the Plants vs Zombies Universe with their Sim characters, taking on both gardening and zombie-killing activities.
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has been likened to other EA titles like Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront due to similarities in game engines and multiplayer mechanics. Fans have speculated about eventual crossover events or game modes featuring these franchises.

Potential Future Collaborations

  • As the gaming world continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate potential collaborations with other franchises or developers that could bring new insights, gameplay mechanics, and storylines to their favorite zombie-infested universe.

Community Members and Content Creators

The Plants vs Zombies community would not be complete without influential members and content creators. These individuals and groups help foster discussions, share their enjoyment of the game, and produce creative fan-made content for their fellow enthusiasts.

Explore some of the most popular content creators and community members:

Popular YouTube Channels and Streamers

  • Many YouTubers and Twitch streamers focus on playing and discussing Plants vs Zombies games, offering engaging content with a mix of gameplay, challenges, and community interaction. These creators also occasionally reveal hidden game features, secrets, and achievements.

Fan Art and Creations

  • Artists within the community express their love for the game by creating fan art, including digital paintings, sketches, cosplays, and even animated shorts. These visual interpretations of characters, settings, and storylines often inspire other fans and enrich the game's universe.
  • Mods, custom levels, and fan-made games are also common, allowing players to experience the Plants vs Zombies Universe in new and unique ways.

The Role of Community Forums and Discussions

  • Forums play a significant role in building and maintaining the Plants vs Zombies community. These platforms offer fans a place to express their views, ask questions, share experiences, and collaborate on theories or content. The discussions and connections made on these forums and dedicated community websites contribute to the growth and evolution of the Plants vs Zombies fanbase.


A passionate community is essential in maintaining and evolving any game franchise, and Plants vs Zombies has one of the most dedicated and inventive fanbases. From sharing memes and engaging in heated debates to crafting their own content, the Plants vs Zombies community propels the game's universe forward, enriching the experience for both new and returning players. Whether a casual gamer, a zombie enthusiast, or a die-hard Plants vs Zombies fan, there is always something interesting to discuss, create, or explore within this thriving community.

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